Famous restaurants in Bucharest fined for using expired ingredients, other irregularities

Romania’s National Consumer Protection Authority – ANPC fined 28 restaurants in Bucharest for serious irregularities, such as using expired ingredients, during a control on May 25.

The ANPC inspectors issued RON 147,000 (EUR 33,000) worth of fines and also suspended the activity of three restaurants with serious issues until they solve these problems, ANPC announced in a press release. Besides the fines, the inspectors also confiscated 185.5 kilograms of meat and other improper products.

The list of restaurants with problems includes Dristor Doner, one of the biggest fast food restaurant chains in Bucharest, which serves thousands of clients every day, as well as many famous oriental restaurants. Lebanese restaurants El Bacha, Zaitone, Four Seasons, Piccolo Mondo, Beirut, Tripoli, Coin Vert, Turkish restaurants Divan, Sultan, Memos, Chinese restaurants CHONG Quing, Marele Zid, Chinese Garden, and the VacaMuuu steakhouse were among the units where the consumer protection inspectors found problems. (The full list is available here)

The irregularities found at these locations include using expired ingredients or ingredients without source papers, using worn and dirty freezers to store food, improper management of frying oil and improper waste oil storage, improper egg storage (at room temperature). Some of the restaurants didn’t have their menus translated into Romanian.

ANPC didn’t specify what irregularities have been discovered at each of these restaurants.

Source: Romania.insider.com