Why become a member?

Being a member of the International Nightlife Association mainly defends the rights of nightlife entrepreneurs before administrations, uniting the sector at a worldwide level to defend our common interests under the same umbrella.


Being featured on the International Nightlife Guide that is currently under development to integrate a booking system.


The possibility of applying for the Triple Excellence in Nightlife offers your venue the possibility of drastically improving your venue’s safety, acoustic quality and quality of service. The Triple Excellence in Nightlife also gives your venue more international exposure.


Attending the International Nightlife Congress and Awards is a great opportunity to contact nightlife entrepreneurs from around the world.


Our Gold Members benefit from having access to agencies which provides them with the most affluent  customers.


INA is active on social media and shares information about their members producing a detailed review for each of their members.


INA sends out internal emails to their members with the latest information concerning the nightlife sector


INA members have priority access to other Gold Member clubs, information exchange and collaboration with other Gold Members, discount and special conditions with our partners, sponsors, technical and legal  services and priority and special conditions to access congresses and seminars organized by the members of INA.


INA produces information release about our new Gold Members to other Gold Members, an article, and a   banner will be displayed on the “Our Gold Members” section on our main page.
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Benefits and Services associated with the acquisition of the Gold Member:


-    The Gold Member venue becomes a recommended venue worldwide: The venue that acquires the status of Gold Member becomes recommended worldwide by our organization. In addition, this distinction can be used in tourist guides, local advertising, social networks, website, business cards, etc ...

-    Access to clients who are members of luxury concierge service companies: The International Nightlife Association collaborates with AIM Events and their AIM Seasonal and AIM All Access memberships, memberships based exclusively on offering the best services related to nightlife. This way, Gold Member venues are recommend to said members of AIM Events, and have priority with certain projects as well as special discounts with AIM Events services.

-    Acquisition of international prestige: Becoming a Gold Member of our organization gives the venue a level of prestige important to share category with locations such as Cavalli Club Dubai, Pacha Barcelona, ​​Ushuaïa and Hï Ibiza or Cove Manila, just to mention a few.

  • Access to the coveted Triple Excellence in Nightlife Distinction, maximum achievement in terms of quality at a worldwide level which consists of achieving the three seals that guarantee the safety, acoustic quality and quality of service at the certified venue:


  • International Nightlife Safety Certified, INSC: The seal that guarantees the venue’s safety and also helps to prevent undesirable behaviors like sexual harassment, violence, alcohol and substance use and abuse, sudden deaths and car accidents among many others.
  • International Nightlife Acoustic Quality, INAQ: This certification of acoustic quality protects the hearing health of workers, customers and prevents neighbors from reporting noise.
  • International Nightlife Quality Service, INQS: This seal certifies that the service, staff and premises are at an optimal level. Also, it certifies that the venue is committed to gender equality, fair working conditions and other commitments established by the United Nations.

-      Outstanding presence in the International Nightlife Guide: Gold Member venues have a prominent presence in the International Nightlife Guide, a worldwide online guide that informs customers of the best licensed venues to dine, have a drink or dance. This guide, which is currently in the renovation phase, will soon incorporate the possibility of making online reservations, buying tickets online as well as having an event calendar of the club.

-      Communication of the acquisition of the Gold Member category: In collaboration with the new Gold Member, an informative note is prepared that is sent to all our database informing of the entry of the new Gold Member.

  • Banner: A banner with our members logo (560 x 150 pixels) will be displayed on the “Our Gold Members” section on our main page.
  • Events: Free access to the annual International Nightlife Congress and Golden Moon Awards ceremony organized by INA. These events are the best forum to share experiences in an open environment and rewards good practices in different areas. This year, the 6th edition of the International Nightlife Congress will be held held in Bogotá, Colombia on November 13th 2019.
  • VIP network of contacts: This VIP network makes possible to have access to other entrepreneurs from around the world and leaders of different institutions and suppliers linked to the sector.
  • Access and discounts The INA members have the following access facilities and discounts:


  • Priority access to other Gold Member clubs.
  • Information exchange and collaboration with other Gold Members.
  • Discounts and special conditions with our partners, sponsors, technical and legal services.
  • Priority and special conditions to access congresses and seminars organized by the members of International Nightlife Association.
  • Publications and magazines: The members receive, in English and without extra charge, quality publications to maintain themselves informed about the sector news. The digital publications are sent via e-mail and some are available on-line at www.international-nightlife.com.
  • Possibility to access the list of “The World's 100 Best Clubs” list: The Gold Member venues are invited to be nominated to enter the prestigious list of the best clubs in the world, list that the International Nightlife Association publishes every year during the month of November.
  • Associate Support: The e-mail info@international-nightlife.es is available to answer all your inquiries and questions. Also, all the Gold Members have the option of a 24/7 e-mail service for emergencies.

Please fell welcomed to contact us and take the definitive next step in nightlife excellence:

International Nightlife Association


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