9º Congreso Internacional de Ocio Nocturno

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Hï Ibiza, coronado por segundo año consecutivo como el número 1 de The World’s 100 Best Clubs 2022

The World’s 100 Best Clubs 2022

Joaquim Boadas, Secretario General de la International Nightlife Association

Protegemos, asesoramos, formamos y certificamos a nuestros asociados para que en sus locales se pueda DISFRUTAR de un ocio nocturno seguro, de calidad y de servicio excelente, amable con el entorno y respetuoso con el medio ambiente
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9th International Nightlife Congress

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Hï Ibiza, crowned for the second consecutive year as number 1 of The World's 100 Best Clubs 2022

The World’s 100 Best Clubs 2022

Joaquim Boadas, Secretary General of the International Nightlife Association

We aim to protect, advise, train and offer the necessary tools to our members so that their nightlife venues and their clients can ENJOY a safe, quality nighttime experience and excellent service, all while being sustainable and respectful of the environment.
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Thoughts and advancements from the latest Annual Nightlife Leisure Congress.
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The International Nightlife Association is an international organization of nightlife businesses from around the world, with the best clubs among its members.

The International Nightlife Association (INA) was founded in 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.

Non-profit organization

We are the world's first non-profit organization founded specifically to represent entities involved in the nightlife sector, including restaurants, bars, clubs, discos, lounges, hotels and the most important suppliers.

We promote and help nightlife

We created the International Nightlife Association, determined to promote best practices in nightlife. We have developed 3 strategies for this purpose:
  • Membership
  • Certifications / Distinctions
  • "The World's 100 Best Clubs" list

We guarantee facilities and quality of service

Locals find in us the only organization that is capable of representing and guaranteeing that its members meet with certainty a high degree of facilities and quality of service and that they promote good practices in nightlife.

Services we offer

Among our main services we have several certifications and distinctions to make your nightlife business safer, with greater visibility and increase the satisfaction and trust of your customers.


In order to promote best practices in the nightlife industry, we have launched the “TRIPLE EXCELLENCE IN NIGHTLIFE” award, the most important nightlife certification in the world.

The Triple Excellence is made up of 3 certifications:
  • International Nightlife Safety Certified (INSC)
  • International Nightlife Acoustic Quality (INAQ)
  • International Nightlife Quality Service (INQS)
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The nightlife industry is constantly evolving to meet the expectations of increasingly demanding customers in terms of quality dining and nightlife experiences.
"GASTROMOON" to reward those who meet the highest standards of excellence in dining and nightlife.
This distinction recognizes restaurants and nightclubs that offer the highest standards of nightlife cuisine.
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The International Nightlife Association has launched specific measures for its members, drawing up a comprehensive protocol to make the reopening of the premises a success at a health and economic level.

To this end, the INA has decided to incorporate the International Nightlife Safety Certified (INSC), a
international health label called "Sanitized Venue", which will be mandatory to obtain the security seal.
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The World's 100 Best Clubs 2022 list

The International Nightlife Association published on November 2022 the list of “The World’s 100 Best Clubs” 
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