SEN Warsaw



The history of the place where the best club in Warsaw is located is permanently inscribed in the history of the capital. A mere 30 metres separates the interior of the SNU from the current of the Vistula. The four-storey complex, designed by the eminent architect Stefan Kuryłowicz, has been located where Wisłostrada crosses Ludna Street. It is no coincidence that the modern building of the seat of the Warsaw Rowing Society is located here. Its origins date back to 1920, when the WRS, in exchange for help in transporting the wounded during the Polish-Bolshevik war, received land for its seat. Nine years later, the best marina in Europe was built here. A rowing pool was located near the Vistula riverbed, along with hangars for boats. On the ground floor there was space for changing rooms with showers and a spacious terrace overlooking the Vistula River. The upper floor was occupied by a spacious restaurant area with a comfortable terrace, as well as guest rooms. The seat of the Warsaw Rowing Society was an important point on the social map of the city. It was here that the most prestigious venue in the country was established over 140 years ago. This is the SEN of Warsaw.


Wioślarska 6/3 piętro, 00-411 Warszawa, Poland