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The nightlife industry launches an app to access venues safely

The announcement was made within the framework of the 7th International Nightlife Congress held last Monday at Marina Beach Club in Valencia (Spain), where other topics such as virtual reality and the Global Nighttime Recovery Plan (GNRP) were discussed.

The event concluded with the Golden Moon Awards Gala in which a special award was granted to all medical personnel and law enforcement officials worldwide

Representatives of the nightlife sector from all around the world met virtually this past Monday in Valencia (Spain) in the framework of the 7th International Nightlife Congress which was broadcasted from the well-known Marina Beach Club Valencia. This event, which in its seventh edition was held for the first time in a virtual format due to the exceptional circumstances arising from the pandemic, dealt with matters of the utmost interest to the nightlife industry worldwide, and the newest breakthrough developments for the industry were made public.  The event had the support of the Spanish nightlife association Spain Nightlife, the Valencian Community Tourism BoardVisit Valencia, the Valencian Hospitality Federation (FEHV), the Hospitality and Tourism Business Confederation of the Valencian Region (CONHOSTUR), among other entities and sponsors such as Pepsi Max Zero, Schweppes and Roku Gin.

The sector announces the launch of an app that will allow for safe access to its venues

One of the most important announcements that took place on Monday in the framework of the congress took place during the panel about pilot testing to achieve a safe reopening of venues. Within the framework of said panel, Joaquim Boadas, General Secretary of the International Nightlife Association announced the reach of an agreement with the company that has developed the app called "LibertyPass", which allows to carry out a rapid antigen test and therefore allowing access to an event or venue safely within the next 72 hours after the test is conducted. As Joaquim Boadas explained, "The launching of this app may be the definitive solution for nightlife venues to reopen safely as it guarantees the creation of a safe environment for those attending it. All of this thanks to a quick test and a QR code that enables a person to attend all the events they want to during the 72 hours following the test " A formula similar to the one presented by the INA was proposed by Lutz Leichsenring, Creative Strategist of the Berlin Club Commission and Vibe Lab, also through rapid antigen tests that generates a QR code. On his behalf, Marc Galdon, Founder of the Chinese tourism school (Escuela Turismo Chino) and Brand Manager in Bar Rouge - with locations in Shanghai and Singapore, described how the industry had been reactivated in mainland China through a QR code system that also includes GPS tracking, mentioning that "Now in mainland China the industry is now open, and we have the opportunity of using bars and restaurants as the first line of detection of possible COVID cases in a coordinated effort with the authorities." Lastly, Camilo Ospina, President of the Colombian Bar Association (Asobares Colombia), explained pilot testing carried out in the aforementioned country between the Government and the industry in order to achieve a safe reopening, which is having a very good result.

In the United States, 90% of independent venues at risk of closure, and in Europe urgent aid will be requested from Brussels

Riccardo Tarantoli participated in the panel on legal, commercial, and economic solutions to counteract the restrictions imposed on the industry as a result of the pandemic, representing Maurizio Pasca, President of the European Nightlife Association (ENA) and the Italian Nightlife Association (SILB-FIPE), and Nicos Vassiliou, President of the Cyprus Nightlife Association, who called for unity in the industry and announced that aid will be claimed directly from Brussels through the European Nightlife Association. For his part, Juan Carlos Diaz, President of the American Nightlife Association, called for a rescue plan for the industry in the United States, since according to his forecasts "90% of independent venues will be forced to shut down if aid does not arrive urgently ". Rick Alfaro, CEO of the company Earthnauts, participated in the panel on virtual reality and new technologies, who highlighted the need to create sensory experiences to bring new sensations to the nightlife public. David Franzén, CEO of Nocto International, explained what the newest nightlife tool Nocto consists of, an app that creates a network between users and venues in a city to promote their activity and provide safe data to its users such as the possibility of knowing if a venue is at full capacity or not before attending. 

The nightlife sector sends and SOS but governments are not responding to its needs

The last panel of Congress dealt with how to reactivate the nightlife industry, one of the hardest-hit economic sectors by this health crisis. In the same, under the title "Strategies to Reactivate the Nightlife Industry". Chapter Leads form the Global Nighttime Recovery Plan (GNRP), such as Lutz Leichsenring, Creative Strategist of the Berlin Club Commission and Vibe Lab, Alistair Turnham, Founder of MAKE Associates, Leni Schwendinger, Founder and Creative Director of the International Nighttime Design Initiative, Michael Fichman, an expert in urban planning from the University of Pennsylvania, Nandor Petrovics, Ph.D. Candidate of Corvinus University and, lastly, Diana Raiselis, researcher of cultural and nightlife policy at the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. This panel highlighted the lack of involvement of governments and local administrations at a global level to save the culture and nightlife of many cities around the world, and it was warned that these will lose attractiveness and economic potential if the entertainment venues disappear.

The event concluded with the 6th edition of the Golden Moon Awards, which, among different categories, include the Golden Moon Award granted to all health personnel in the world and law enforcement officials from around the world for their involvement in the fight against the pandemic. 

The winners in the different categories were:

1. Most supportive government during the pandemic: MINISTERIO DE COMERCIO, INDUSTRIA Y TURISMO (GOVERNMENT OF COLOMBIA)
2. Most innovative tool for nightlife during the pandemic: NOCTO APP
3. Best collaborative project in defense of nightlife in times of pandemic: GLOBAL NIGHTTIME RECOVERY PLAN (GNRP)
4. Best act of excellence and protection of
 client's and worker's health: MARINA BEACH CLUB VALENCIA
5. Best solidary act in defense of nightlife during the pandemic: NYC NIGHTLIFE UNITED
6. Best movement in defense of nightlife during the pandemic: SAVE NIGHTLIFE CAMPAIGN by NTIA 
7. Special award for merit and the fight against the pandemic: ALL HEALTHCARE PERSONNEL AND LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS WORLDWIDE

Nearly a year and a half after the deadly Orlando nightclub shooting, more than 100 restaurant and bar owners have received active shooter training from the NYPD.

Following the mass shooting, in which 49 people were killed inside Pulse, a gay nightclub, on June 12, 2016, members of the NYC Hospitality Alliance were concerned that they weren’t prepared for such an attack.

“They weren’t comfortable they would know how to react,” said Inspector Thomas Conforti, commanding officer of the NYPD’s Crime Prevention Division, which meets quarterly with the alliance.

While the NYPD had active shooter training for office buildings, they didn’t have a specific plan for nightlife, so representatives from the department and the alliance sat down to come up with best practices and ground rules. That resulted in a video that was shared for the first time on Monday.


“The main focus is to familiarize their staffs with the different scenarios that can happen and devise an action plan for those scenarios,” Conforti said, adding that those action plans have to be practiced the same way fire drills are.

Some of the best practices include identifying key staff members who would take the lead if a situation arises, identifying safe rooms and exits in the restaurant or bar, having a continuing dialogue with police and being mindful of suspicious behavior, said Andrew Rigie, executive director of the NYC Hospitality Alliance.

“We have to be proactive and think about this,” Rigie said. “This is the state of the world we live in.”

The training video, about 9 minutes long, was shared with all members of the alliance, but will not be made public. It was shot at The DL, said Paul Seres, one of the owners of the downtown venue, a lounge, restaurant and event space on the Lower East Side.

Seres, who is on the board of the NYC Hospitality Alliance, noted that the nightlife industry is vulnerable to this type of attack. “We are a welcoming industry. We want people to come in and feel secure,” he said.

While owners and staff may not be able to prevent a shooting, the alliance hopes the training will help them save as many lives as possible.

Other groups or businesses interested in receiving active shooter training can make a request through their local police precinct.



Link: https://www.amny.com/news/nypd-active-shooter-training-1.14850532

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Soho Garden will be a mix of dining, poolside and nightlife experiences, and it opens this December…

There’s no shortage of new openings in Dubai. From restaurants to beach clubs to bars, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to checking out new spots in Dubai. In fact, here are 20 we’re still waiting on opening before the year is over.

But a new concept has just been announced that combines clubs, pubs, restaurants and more. It’s called Soho Garden, and it will be ‘a diverse mix of dining, pool lounging and nightlife experiences in an idyllic setting in Dubai’, according to its Instagram page.

The 14,000 square metre complex, which will house Drai’s Las Vegas (you can read more on that here) as well as several other outlets, will be located at Meydan near Nad Al Sheba (about 15 minutes from Downtown).

The first phase of the project, which will open this December, will include a daytime pool area and four bars with a seating capacity of 800 people. The closely positioned bars (Glasshouse Bar, Bellini Bar, Tiki Bar and Negroni Bar) will allow guests to move freely between them, and they will all have a distinct look and feel.

When fully operational, which is expected to be some time in 2018, Soho Garden will also feature a 10,000 capacity concert stage, nightclubs, pools and several other restaurants and bars. 

Soho Garden is described by the team behind it as ‘a unique mix of eclectic luxury, with laidback chic, creating a buzzing urban scene inspired by the international cultural melting pots of London and New York,’ [and Dubai?]. Also, it’s expected to throw a larger-than-life New Year’s bash this year, with a headliner announcement expected soon.

Although we’re not sure who the New Year’s Eve act will be, we’re already seeing other acts announced, with DJ Steve Lawler, Sash, Art Department and Erik Hagleton all promoting that they’ll be playing gigs at the venue next year.


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