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Linkers and the International Nightlife Association publish said manual of recommendations to establish safety parameters in restaurants and nightlife venues.

With the COVID-19 crisis at its peak and the 'reopening' beginning, the time has come to reopen venues with the maximum guarantees


Step by step, we see how some countries are beginning to experience a slow reopening, in which the restaurants and bars are playing a major role but also nightclubs are starting to show their heads. So, while some countries are slowing opening up businesses and people are starting to take the streets, it is expected that shortly clients will also start to visit nightlife venues each time in more countries, always respecting the safety and capacity measures dictated by the authorities of each country. 

To be able to carry out a reopening of the nightlife with the safest measures possible, Linkers has developed a manual of recommendations for post-COVID-19 service operations for the International Nightlife Association, which will thus complement the international sanitary seal "Sanitized Venue", which has been developed jointly by the International Nightlife AssociationLinkers and with the AFLP Group to be implemented in restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs, etc. This international sanitary seal ensures the confidence of customers and staff as it protects them at all times from COVID-19. This international seal has also been implemented in several restaurants and nightlife establishments in Spain, and their workers have been trained through the international training manual developed by Linkers

Unlike other manuals, in which the recommendations are aimed at defining the concepts of the standards to be implemented in the sector, this one has made more progress, collecting quality and safety regulations, translating them into recommendations for the operations and procedures of the different service areas of the business. Besides, procedures have been broken down by work areas, kitchen, offices, halls, bar, cloakrooms, parking lots, and as well types of sale, delivery, take away, catering and buffet, with a clear international vision, so that, it can be applied in any country in the world.

It also reflects not only the previous service but also the execution and post service, contemplating the safety measures, cleaning, and disinfection in each of the tasks that integrate the restaurant businesses and nightlife. An eventuality plan is also described, establishing criteria that help the entrepreneurs to adapt it to the characteristics of their business. Besides, based on the HACCP system criteria guide and the new current situation, practical operational recommendations have been defined which help the professionals to carry out their work more effectively and guaranteeing safety standards.


Several Spanish venues already have implemented the seal and their staff have been trained with the international manual

This international anti-COVID-19 manual will also be found on the employment portal Hosteleo. In collaboration at a state level with AFLP Group and Spain Nightlife (a member of the International Nightlife Association)a plan is offered to open restaurants and nightlife establishments at a national level with integral disinfection of the premises. This way, from the first moment ensuring that restaurants can open safely and according to the new sanitary measures. Besides, Linkers will offer training that reinforces the aspects developed in the manual, for the correct management of rooms and kitchen equipment within the establishment and, those venues that wish to obtain the "Sanitized Venue" seal must comply with the rest of the requirements.

The collaboration between Linkers, International Nightlife Association, and AFLP Group does not end here and new actions will be developed as we return to the "new normality". The aim, for the time being, is for the "Sanitized Venue" seal together with the international training manual specifically for restaurants and nightlife to reach a total of 20 countries in the next three months.

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Both Londoners and visitors will have even more excuse to stay out late and keep the party going as the city’s overground trains will soon operate 24 hours a day at the weekends. Dubbed the ‘Night Overground’, the extended services will start on Friday 15 December.

The London Overground runs through much of Greater London but for now, the new night service will be restricted to East London. The Night Overground will run between Dalston Junction in Hackney to New Cross Gate in Lewisham and will be extended to Whitechapel in summer 2018 once works there are complete.

In a statement, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: “I’m delighted that we can bring night services to the East London line for the first time ever next month. The Night Tube has proven such a success with Londoners, I know the Night Overground will help thousands more who are working through the night or out enjoying our capital’s nightlife.”

The new lines will undoubtedly be an incentive for more visitors to explore the thriving nightlife and culture scene of the city’s East End and has already been met with excitement from people working in the area’s creative industry. Jen Bartle from East London’s Independent Arts Centre said the Overground “has enabled us to better connect with audiences, creative people and businesses across the capital as well as the local communities we serve.

“The launch of London Overground night services will enable more people to experience our programme of activities and will help support a responsible approach to the development of the night-time economy.”

London’s Night Tube launched in August 2016 and was running on five lines by December last year. More than eight million people used it in its first year and it’s estimated has boosted the city’s economy by £171 million already. The new 24 hour overground services connect with the Night Tube at the Jubilee Line and will eventually link up with the Victoria line next year.

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Quintessentially and the International Nightlife Association Launch the Creation of Luxury Services in the Best Nightclubs in the World

Dear all, 

Quintessentially and the International Nightlife Association signed an agreement yesterday whereby the world's leading service company will be a partner of the only international organization in the nightlife sector, which is represented on five continents.

According to the CEO of Quintessentially in Spain, Paulo Ribeiro, "with this commitment we intend that our partners can enjoy advantages and VIP services in the best clubs in the world, which will be a benefit for both parties, both for Quintessentially members as for the member clubs of the International Nightlife Association." In this line Ribeiro has clarified that "Members of the International Nightlife Association will be in constant contact with us and, in this way, will be able to establish a direct communication with the 250,000 members of Quintessentially International, thus establishing a close collaboration for the creation of unique services through Quintessentially offices ".
For his part, the General Secretary of the International Nightlife Association, Joaquim Boadas, stated that "not only will this information be sent to the members of our organization, but we will also generate synergies so that these can also benefit from the advantages offered by Quintessentially, creating yet another business opportunity for our members since, as a result of this agreement, they will have opened a new door for attracting customers with a high purchasing power ".
Furthermore, Quintessentially was the main sponsor of the International Nightlife Congress held this past October in Ibiza, as well as the Golden Moon Awards gala in which the list of “The World’s 100 Best Clubs 2017” was made public.
Quintessentially Group provides customized services for travel and lifestyle, real estate, event management, private jet rentals, education and art in more than 60 countries in five continents thanks to its 24 product divisions that have specialists spread around the world. In total, more than 2,000 lifestyle managers work for their clients in 35 languages, in order to offer the best service.
Currently companies such as British Airways, Four Season Group Hotel, Meliá Hotels, Samsung, Facebook, Boston Consulting Group, Citibank, Davidoff, HSBC, fashion firms such as, Gucci, Dior, Chanel or Cartier, and automotive companies such as BMW, Lamborghini or Jaguar / Land Rover, are some of the brands that entrust the management of their best customers to Quintessentially.

We are happy to attach a photograph where Paulo Ribeiro and Joaquim Boadas appear, moments after sealing the agreement.

For more information do not hesitate in calling us at (+34) 902.099.500 or (+34) 670.703.370 or sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


While bouncers in the UK are being trained to respond under a terrorist attack (http://bit.ly/2yPrTEE)  the International Nightlife Association has been one step ahead of these actions, creating a safety seal that has specific requirements before obtention, such as requiring venues to have actions to protect nightlife venue users and workers from terrorist attacks. The International Nightlife Association is currently offering its members the opportunity of having the International Nightlife Safety Certified (INSC) seal, which aims to certify nightlife venues worldwide giving it a “seal of approval” when it comes to safety and security measures. This project was initiated in January 2013 when 239 people were killed in a fire in unlicensed Club Kiss in Santa Maria (Brazil) and has been carefully developed to tailor not only to nightlife users sense of security but also make it easy for nightlife business owners to obtain. This seal is obtained after a rigorous process that includes a careful inspection of the venue and its safety protocols. This seal has two different categories, the basic and the premium seal. The basic inspection form asks for venues to have security measures such as having portable metal detectors, an emergency plan, security staff trained in personal defense and a map indicating where the emergency exits are located, among others. For venues who excel when it comes to security, there is the premium inspection form which asks for security personnel trained in disarming suspects, security personnel wearing bullet-proof vests, and a 6-minute evacuation plan in case of an emergency. This new category (Premium) was created by the International Nightlife Association in 2015 when the terrorist attack in Bataclan Paris took place. When the inspection process is finished and the venue has proved that it does everything in its power to protect its staff and clients, the venue is rewarded with the INSC seal, in which the International Nightlife Association is assuring that the venue is safe to visit. This way when you enter the International Nightlife Guide on the International Nightlife Association's website, you can look up the venues that have the seals of distinction by location, that way you know that the nightlife venue you will be visiting is licensed and meets the international standards in place. 




Link: http://mixmag.net/read/nightclub-bouncers-are-now-being-trained-to-defend-against-terror-attacks-news

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The island and Barcelona, ​​with 11 and nine venues respectively, are the most selected territories, followed by Madrid, Girona, Valencia, Murcia and Marbella

A total of 26 Spanish clubs, of which 11 are from Ibiza, are nominated to enter the list of 'The World’s 100 Best Clubs’ and, once on the list, they opt to be the ' World’s Best Club 2017 '. These are awards given by the International Nightlife Association on October 10th in Ibiza within the framework of its annual congress, which will be held this year on October 9th and 10th. 

Among the territories that have been the most nominated clubs is Ibiza with 11 venues nominated (Ocean Beach, DC10, Amnesia, Blue Marlin, Destino, Heart, HÏ, Km5, Ushuaïa, Pachá Ibiza and Sankeys). Barcelona city and province have nine on that list: Shoko Barcelona, ​​CDLC, Razzmatazz, Opium Mar, Pachá Barcelona, ​​Bling Bling, Café del Mar Barcelona (Sant Adrià del Besós), Carpes Sunset (Òdena) and El Row (Viladecans).

They are followed by Madrid, with two (Fabrik and Ochoymedio), Girona (Les Teules), Valencia (La3), Murcia (Trips Summer Club in Cabo de Palos) and Marbella (Olivia Valère).

The Golden Moon Awards are the most ambitious international awards in the nightlife sector. The list is made up of a total of 195 establishments coming from countries like Arab Emirates, Singapore, Sweden, Belgium, Russia, Malta, Japan or Argentina, among others.

In the previous edition of these awards, held in Las Vegas, the award for the “World’s Best Club” went to Omnia Las Vegas, and the second was for Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, which had already made the top spot in 2015. Third place was taken by Green Valley club in Brazil, and in fourth given to Pachá in Ibiza.

Source: DiariodeIbiza.com

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