ICDQ in charge of inspecting the nightlife venues

International Nightlife Association and the certifying company ICDQ have arrived to an agreement through which the said certifier will be in charge from now on and in substitution of TÜV Rheiland, of supervising those leisure venues and restaurants aim to obtain the international security distinctive “Secure Nightlife Venue”. The objective of the International Nightlife Association is to give to this international distinctive the value of a “security international license” regarding installations and permissions and the certifier will check in every case that the local has the corresponding license, that it is flameproof, that it has emergency exits and means to extinguish a fire among others, forcing the entrepreneur to follow a protocol before the local’s opening following the ICDQ’s instructions

As you might already know, this security international distinctive, created by the International Nightlife Association, was born with the goal to guarantee the security of people that travel from one country to another, so before they plan a journey, they can check if the locals they’ll visit –themselves or their family members-, have the corresponding license and security measures. With that, locals with the “Secure Nightlife Venue” granted by the “International Nightlife Association”, with the previous inspection done by ICDQ, will appear with that distinctive in the “International Nightlife Guide” in our website (www.international-nightlife.com). 

Unfortunately, in the last 70 years 48 transcendence fires have occurred in nightclubs all around the world, with a balance of approximately 4.000 killed, the last one being in Brasil (Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria) just 2 years ago, with 231 deads. The worst tragedy happened in 1942 at a United States’ nightclub (Coconut Grove nightclub in Boston), where 491 people died. This fatal balance has caused an impact on the nightlife sector’s image, organized worldwide for the first time ever under the International Nightlife Association, which has decided to start with the international security distinctive “Secure Nightlife Venue“ to unify security standard in nightclubs worldwide.

This security seal, and other affairs hugely important for the nightlife sector, will be thoroughly discussed in the 2º International Nightlife Congress that will take place in Ibiza on October 7th and 8th, with the participation of worldwide well-known speakers in the tourism, security, alcohol, noise pollution and taxes sectors related to the nightlife.

We are pleased to attach a snapshot of the time after signing the agreement which took place this past Tuesday at the International Nightlife Association headquarters in Barcelona. On the left side of the image appears Mr. Joaquim Boadas, general secretary of the International Nightlife Association and on the right side, Mr. David Galeote, ICDQ’s CEO.