International Nightlife Association partners with Bye Bye Plastic Foundation to make the sector more sustainable

The World's 100 Best Clubs and the Triple Excellence in Nightlife, distinctions awarded by the International Nightlife Association (INA), will incorporate new sustainability criteria advised by Bye Bye Plastic Foundation. This was announced by Joaquim Boadas, Secretary General of the INA, and Camille Guitteau, Co-Founder of this Foundation, during the second day of the 9th Edition of the International Nightlife Congress, which was held in Barcelona.


With the aim of "Identifying, recognizing, improving and standardizing practices in terms of sustainability" in the nightlife industry, as Boadas explained, INA is initiating a transition towards a more environmentally friendly operating model in order to implement initiatives aimed at "generating a positive impact on the planet". "During the next year, Bye Bye Plastic will work in coordination with INA to reformulate and improve the sustainability criteria when awarding two of its certificates of excellence", explained Camille Guitteau. To this end, the foundation will initiate a series of workshops and strategic meetings to "learn about the dynamics and needs of the industry in order to define the criteria that best evaluate the implementation of more sustainable measures". The Co-Founder of Bye Bye Plastic Foundation, who participated in the panel discussion entitled: "Innovation, sustainability and new marketing strategies in the nightlife sector", stressed that these new criteria will be applied to the assignment of the list The World's 100 Best Clubs 2024 and the Triple Excellence in Nightlife certificate.