Italian Nightlife adheres to the Ask for Angela Protocol

Italian Nightlife adheres to the Ask for Angela Protocol

INA keeps standardizing sexual violence prevention in nightlife worldwide

(ROME, ITALY) May 15, 2023

The International Nightlife Association’s (INA) main objective is to promote safety, quality, and service excellence in nightlife to increase worker and client satisfaction. Considering that 1 out of every 3 tourists decides their final destination based on nightlife offer, nightlife, and tourism go hand in hand.

Therefore, the INA insists on the necessity of unifying and standardizing a common international protocol in nightlife spaces worldwide so that clients that visit different clubbing destinations could use the same keyword worldwide.

As a matter of fact, as we recently announced, different countries have been implementing these last years the Ask for Angela protocol through the INA, such as  Spain, Colombia and Argentina.

Ask for Angela protocol, born in the UK in 2016, is also present worldwide in other countries such as the UK, Belgium, USA, Australia, and New Zealand. And from now on, Ask for Angela will also be present in Italy.

Italian Nightlife adheres to the Ask for Angela Protocol

It’s a pleasure for us to announce that INA’s Member Association in Italy, SILB, has recently manifested to adhere to the Ask for Angela protocol to improve safety and prevent sexual violence in nightlife.

Previously, SILB signed a project named #sicurezzaVera with national police and an association of Italian women entrepreneurs that aims to transform the largest number of venues into safeguards of safety and legality in which both the staff and the customers feel safe during an evening with friends and in the workplace.

To achieve this goal, the protocol provides for the training of one or more employees to learn to recognize the signs of potential harassment or sexual violence and report the episode immediately to the police through the Italian Police app "YouPol ”. The app is a privileged channel for nightlife managers that will be able to quickly take charge of the complaint.

Maurizio Pasca, President of SILB and the European Nightlife Association stated, “We signed a specific protocol under the name Sicurezza Vera for nightlife safety and want to expand our horizons with the Ask for Angela protocol through the INA to prevent episodes of harassment and sexual violence in nightlife venues. We consider actions like these a mandatory step to extend at an international level, and together we can achieve concrete results worldwide”.

Jose Luis Benítez, spokesperson for Ocio de Ibiza and President of the INA said, “We believe in unifying and standardizing a common protocol worldwide so that the international clubbing community can feel they are protected in any venue. In nightlife capitals such as Ibiza most clients are from different parts of the world and we need to come together as nightlife business owners to offer protection to clubbers worldwide.”