Shopping in Ibiza

Cosmopolitan, casual, open and very inspiring. The unique character of our island has marked the creations in art, design and crafts since the first European and American travelers began to arrive in the 1930s, many of them intellectuals, architects and bohemians. That current of creativity was boosted by Ibiza becoming one of the international refuges of the hippy movement, which brought to the island its desire for freedom, its absence of rules and its characteristic styling, which still inspires designers and goldsmiths and sowed the seed of one of Ibiza's icons: Adlib fashion.
It was in 1971 when the Yugoslav princess Smilja Mihailovitch promoted the so-called Adlib fashion, a free and casual style that was inspired by the traditional clothes of Ibizan women and the hippy aesthetic of the time. Its name came from the Latin word ad-libitum, which means pleasure, and its motto was: "Dress as you please, but dress with pleasure." Several decades later, Adlib fashion has become one of the island's creative benchmarks, a product recognized on international catwalks that stands out for its comfortable and bright designs, the use of 100% natural fabrics and the inclusion of crochet trim, ruffles, embroidery or traditional lace. Today, there is a wide range of prestigious Adlib fashion designers on the island and a large group of new designers whose clothes and accessories can be bought in Ibiza boutiques.
Another of the most popular tourist attractions on our island are the hippie flea markets, a must-see for lovers of shopping and unique finds. The most famous are the Hippy Market of Las Dalias, which keeps its doors open every Saturday of the year, and the Hippy Market of Punta Arabí, which is held every Wednesday from May to October and is the oldest and most extensive on the island. . Beyond these two essentials, the island has other markets with their own personality, such as those of Sant Joan, Santa Gertrudis, Sant Miquel, Sant Antoni, the second-hand market of Sant Jordi or the artisan market of Sant Rafel.
But there are even more whims made in Ibiza to fall in love with. For example, the ceramic pieces that the teachers work in the workshop shops of Sant Rafel, a town declared “Area of ​​artisan interest”; the paintings and sculptures of local artists exhibited in the art galleries of Ibiza and a delicious variety of gastronomic souvenirs with which to taste Ibiza once you are at home: Ibiza honey, Ibiza salt, Ibizan herbs, sheep cheese or goat, sobrasada, olive oil, Ibiza wines and sweets, such as orelletes, flaó and ensaimada.