Ibiza, territory for action

In Ibiza, the fun sought by the most restless and passionate travelers of sport abounds. A complete menu of active tourism activities and sports competitions that invites you to enjoy the island's nature throughout the year while exercising your body and overcoming new challenges.
The variety of sports activities available in Ibiza is very attractive and diverse, as there is no shortage of challenges and entertainment for all ages and all levels of experience. In fact, the island's annual calendar of sporting events includes national and international competitions in cycling, marathon, triathlon, sailing, trial, mountain biking, open water swimming, rally, running,… One more reason! to look at the agenda and schedule a getaway to Ibiza!
With 210 kilometers of coastline and a very mild climate, the island does not skimp on corners or opportunities to get away from the sun lounger and give the body a good dose of action in the water. In the different tourist centers and in numerous beaches and coves, the traveler finds a wide range of companies specialized in aquatic and nautical activities: water skiing, kitesurfing, paddle surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, rides on water scooters, inflatables, or jet skis. ; fishing, parasailing… Not to mention the schools that offer sailing and diving courses.
In addition, the best way to admire the authentic Ibiza that survives in fields, valleys, and forests is to do it at the leisurely pace set by the walks on foot or by bicycle. The island has a wide network of well-laid mountain biking and hiking routes, so it is very easy to include this activity during the holidays. Information on the different routes and their levels of difficulty -low, intermediate and high- can be obtained from the tourist information portals of the municipalities, as well as the programming of free guided routes organized by the municipalities throughout the winter and the summer season.