INA to host 7th International Nightlife Congress and 6th Golden Moon Awards Virtually from Marina Beach Club in Valencia, Spain

As you all know, the International Nightlife Association annually organizes the International Nightlife Congress and Golden Moon Awards, in order to create a forum to exchange ideas and offer the proper tools to nightlife business owners and collaborators and, at the same time, recognize different players of the industry. Due to the wake of the pandemic, it's no surprise that holding in-person events is very difficult at the moment due to many restrictions on traveling but, despite all, the INA could not give up on the celebration of its yearly events. As a result, this year the INA is going to hold its annual event likewise although virtually.  What refers to the 7th edition of the International Nightlife Congress, it will be hosted virtually from Marina Beach Club in Valencia, Spain through a tailored streaming platform, including different live sessions at different times of the day in order to engage panelists from different continents and so that everyone from around the world could tune in and interact.

In said congress sessions, there will be different panels with renowned players in the industry to discuss topics of interest at the moment such as: 

  1. Legal strategies adopted in different countries to appeal against venue restrictions 
  2. Collaborative models for reopening nightlife spaces safely.
  3. Virtual Reality, streaming, and nightlife. A useful tool for the future? 
  4. Strategies to get clients back on the dancefloor after reopening

These sessions will allow for anyone to tune in and will also encourage participants to ask live questions during the panel that will be answered towards the end of each conversation thanks to a moderator.  Finally, the event will conclude with the 6th Golden Moon Awards, where different players in nightlife are recognized for their achievements and role in the industry. The only difference will be that this year we won't be releasing a new list of "The World's 100 Best Clubs" but the jury is studying to extend 2019's list for one more year in order to honor all of those clubs suffering the consequences of the pandemic, In any case, the Golden Moon Awards 2020 will "relive" last year's list. The award categories tailored specifically to this year's 6th Golden Moon Awards include: 

  1. Most supportive government during the pandemic 
  2. Most innovative tool for nightlife during the pandemic 
  3. Best collaborative project in defense of nightlife in times of the pandemic 
  4. Best act of excellence and protection of client's and worker's health
  5. Best solidary act in defense of nightlife throughout the pandemic 
  6. Best movement in defense of nightlife in the middle of the pandemic


Please stay tuned for more information!