Israeli Bar and Nightclub Association (Israeli Night Union) joins the International Nightlife Association

The International Nightlife Association has presence in 18 countries already

Nightlife venues in Israel are implementing the Sanitized Venue seal

It's a pleasure for us to announce the entry of the Israeli Bar and Nightclub Association (Israel Night Union) into the International Nightlife Association. With this new entry, the International Nightlife Association has presence in 18 countries already, with member associations in Italy, Spain, India, U.S.A, Colombia, Ecuador and now Israel, but also individual members in China, Singapore, Philippines, CroatiaSwedenBelgiumGermanyPoland, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and the United Arab Emirates.

The International Nightlife Association is a member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), and is the only worldwide nightlife association with the main goal of uniting the nightlife industry. All this while excelling and giving prestige to the industry by launching quality seals like the Triple Excellence in Nightlife, GastroMoon, or the Sanitized Venue seal we have recently launched in order to distinguish those clubs that have invested in protective measures to fight against COVID 19. The International Nightlife Association also annually launches the list of "The World's 100 Best Clubs" and defends only on-licensed clubs that comply with laws and regulations.

Israeli Night Union

Israel is gaining greater international fame every year and hosts an incredibly diverse night scene with options from mega nightclubs to neighborhood bars. The Israeli Bar and Nightclub Association represents tens of thousands of bars and nightclubs also including owners, bartenders, waiters, stage workers, DJ's, PR's among other important players. 

The Israeli Bar and Nightclub Association was established a decade ago and nowadays is taking major steps in moving forward and going on an independent path as an autonomous body. The main aim is to bring forth the Israeli night scene and to shine its light over the international arena. 

The Israeli Bar and Nightclub Association is represented by, Shlomi Dayan and Hila Formosa-Rafael as a co-chairman, Or-Eli Haskel as the CEO, and Khalil Myroad as the Israeli representative in the International Nightlife Association.

According to Mr. Khalil Myroad, representative of the Israeli Night Union"The night scene in Israel is a huge economic engine that also brings businesses around it such as taxis, kiosks, restaurants and more into the bloom of the second half of the day. For this reason, we have decided to join forces with the International Nightlife Association in order to get the cultural recognition the industry deserves in front of the Israeli Government and also position Israeli nightlife at a worldwide level".  

On the other hand, Mr. Joaquim Boadas de Quintana, Secretary-General of the International Nightlife Association has stated: "We are proud to have the Israeli Night Union among us, since the bigger we are and the more countries we have a presence in, the stronger our industry will be. Taking into account the difficult times our sector is living it will be necessary to stay more united and stronger than ever before". 

Israeli nightclubs are implementing the Sanitized Venue seal

As you already know, the latest quality seal developed by the International Nightlife Association is a sanitary seal, developed to allow customers, when venues reopen, to identify those clubs that offer greater sanitary protection.   

The Sanitized Venue seal it's the only existing private seal in sanitary terms specific for restaurants and nightlife sector. Internationally renowned venues such as Pacha Barcelona, Shôko Madrid, Marina Beach Club Valencia, Opium Barcelona, Shôko Barcelona, Tropics Lloret de Mar and St. Trop Lloret de Mar have already obtained this seal. Currently, this international sanitary seal is already supported by the Italian Nightlife Association (SILB-FIPE), Spanish Nightlife Association (Spain Nightlife), the American Nightlife Association (ANA), the Colombian Nightlife Association (Asobares), and the Israel Night Union.  Likewise, nightclubs from countries such as Dominican RepublicCroatiaMexico, and China are also implementing it. 

The entry of the Israeli Night Union into the International Nightlife Association will make it possible that all the clubs and restaurant members of the Israeli Night Union implement the international sanitary seal, which will be something very positive for the tourism sector. 

Mr. Maurizio Pasca, 2nd Vice President of the International Nightlife Association, president of the European Nightlife Association and President of the Italian Nightlife Association (Associazione Italiana di Intrattenimento da ballo e di spettacolo -SILB Fipe) has stated: "At this moment it is even more important that we position ourselves and prepare ourselves as the industry starts to slowly reopen despite some restrictions, we are also hoping that all nightlife business can start operating as usual as soon as possible since our business owners will not be able to hold on much longer. In this aspect, we believe that it is key that the local administrations see that nightlife entrepreneurs bet on a firm and clear protection of the health of their clients and workers ".

In the words of Joaquim Boadas de Quintana, Secretary-General of the International Nightlife Association "The main strength of this reputational seal is that it is international, which will make many tourists and clients of nightlife venues around the world look for it as a reference of quality and protection of client's health. This will not only be visible at the door of the venue but also online since the venues that obtain this seal will be listed on the website of the International Nightlife Association so that customers can pre-select which venues transmit the most trust and, based on that, even decide their final holiday destination".


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