Pacha Barcelona obtains the international Sanitized Venue Seal along with other venues

Despite some restrictions, step by step, some countries are reopening nightlife spaces
While the restaurant and hospitality business is slowly starting to regain its normal activity, despite some restrictions, nightlife venues in some countries are also starting to be able to operate. In this regard, Spain is one of the European countries that are including nightlife in its phases of the country's re-opening, for example, Pacha Barcelona, that is operating temporarily with its restaurant licensehas passed all the requirements to obtain the Sanitized Venue Seal and is ready to open. Along with Pacha Barcelona, Shôko Barcelona, located also in the famous Barceloneta Beach Front, has also started to operate as a restaurant, expecting to start operating as a club soon. Other venues in the same city have also started operating as restaurants with terrace and have adhered to the Sanitized Venue initiative those being Opium Barcelona and Nuba Barcelona. Other tourist areas also in Spain such as ValenciaLloret de Mar, and Salou have also joined the international sanitary seal,  for instance, popular venues such as Marina Beach Club, TropicsSt Trop' and Tropical Salou. The Sanitized Venue Seal is currently the only international sanitary seal tailored specifically for nightlife venues around the world. Its main goal is to help regain the trust of the industry's clients once nightlife venues are starting to reopen. The seal is a clear guarantee that the venues in question are, as clean and disinfected as possible, and at the same time incorporates elements and protocols to protect the health of clients and workers.
As we announced recently, the Sanitized Venue Seal has incorporated an international training manual specific for nightlife and restaurant spaces post COVID-19. Unlike other manuals, a concrete study of safety, cleaning, and hygiene protocols and regulations have been carried out in order to produce a manual that touches all aspects that are carried out in nightlife spaces such as kitchen, offices, halls, dance floors, bars, cloakrooms, valet parking, VIP tables, etc. with a clear international vision in order to be applied to any country in the world. You can find attached, images of some Sanitized Venue requirements placed in Pacha Barcelona
Currently, this international sanitary seal is already supported by the Italian Nightlife Association (SILB-FIPE), the American Nightlife Association (ANA), the Colombian Nightlife Association (Asobares), and the Israel Night Union.  Likewise, nightclubs from countries such as RomaniaCroatiaMexicoIsrael, Marrakech, and China are also implementing it. 
When is nightlife coming back to normality?
Though many countries do not allow for tourism to enter or for nightlife venues to open we have been able to detect that European countries are gradually allowing for nightlife activities to open, those being mostly bars. When it comes to Spain, the Spanish Government announced in its most recent Decree that venues are allowed to reopen in Phase 3 but that the "dance floor cannot be used for what it's intended to be used", meaning that it's not prohibiting dancing, but that the dance floor space can not be occupied by people dancing. In other words, the dance floor can be used for an extension of VIP tables and seating, but it doesn't state specifically that dancing is prohibited if you stay in your table area. This Decree is allowed to be repealed by the 17 Autonomous Regions in Spain, who have the final word of what restrictions nightlife venues will have to reopen. In this case, Autonomous Regions such as Balearic Island where Ibiza is located have decided not to allow nightlife to open at least for now in Phase 3, on the other hand, Catalonia does. For example, venues in regions such as Tarragona, Cantabria, La Rioja, and Aragón are already opened but only with 1/3 capacity. Today Valencia has joined this group too.
Regarding other European countries, Germany allows for some nightlife with food venue licenses to operate but under strict "no dancing" rules, Italy announced yesterday that they have pushed back the date of nightlife venues reopening to July 14th while it's possible holding live music events both indoors and outdoors to be celebrated but with very limited capacity, assigned sitting and obligatory use of masks. We have also detected that Portugal is allowing for concert venues to open with a 50% capacity obligatory use of masks and strict social distancing between concert goers. When it comes to Greece, nightlife venues are allowed to operate but mostly outdoors, as is the case in Poland and Iceland
Regarding Asian countries, China's nightlife is operating since April but still with some restrictions but cities such as Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen, and Beijing are starting to get their nightlife back, which is with strict measures and control. Hong Kong has also recently allowed nightlife venues to open and Japan is planning to allow nightlife venues to reopen very soon, karaoke and bars are already operating. South Korea has newly opened up nightlife after the supposed outbreak in the popular nightlife district in Itaewon. 
At the moment New Zeland is the only country that has allowed for nightlife venues to fully reopen with no capacity or social distancing measures, being one of the countries that have suffered the least COVID-19 cases in the world. 
The International Nightlife Association asks for governmental cooperation 
The nightlife industry's turnover worldwide is around 4,000 billion dollars, employs more than 150 million workers, and moves more than 15.3 billion clients a year worldwide. Not to mention that it is a first-class tourist attraction for many countries in the world. Despite this, it is a global industry that is not taken into account and should be more respected and should receive more aid than it does, since for the moment it's not receiving much. 
From the International Nightlife Association, member of the United Nation's World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) we want to make a global petition for governments worldwide to take the nightlife industry more into account in economic and social aspects, since governments are the ones who have forced nightlife venues to close, most of them have been closed for over 3 months. This will cause many nightlife venues do not have any other choice but to shut down.  
Our member association in Spain, Spain Nightlife, has just solicited 10.000 Million euros in financial aid for the nightlife industry to the Spanish Government and Silb-Fipe is planning to do the same in Italy. Both associations together are also planning to solicit aid to the European Union through the European Nightlife Association, whose president is Maurizio Pasca, also president of the Italian Nightlife Association and vice president of the International Nightlife Association.
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