Cavalli Club Dubai has become the first venue in the Middle East to obtain the "Double Excellence in Nightlife"

This morning in Dubai the International Nightlife Association has granted Cavalli Club Dubai with the “Double Excellence in Nightlife”, being the first nightlife venue in the Middle East achieving said distinction. The Double Excellence in Nightlife is an initiative which is already being adopted by many nightlife venues around the world, said venues have to overcome a series of requirements in order to obtain the double certification. The international double certification is made up of the International Nightlife Safety Certified (INSC) seal and the International Nightlife Acoustic Quality (INAQ) seal which is a clear voluntary action taken by nightlife venues in order to provide the maximum quality of protection and service to protect not only clients but also workers and neighbors.

Cavalli Club Dubai has shown it’s clear vow for excellence by complying with all requirements and successfully passing the two field inspections. For this reason, the International Nightlife Association's Secretary General, Joaquim Boadas, personally has visited the venue and has handed the Double Excellence Certificate to the General Manager of Cavalli Club Dubai, Hayan Abou Assali, who has stated "we are very proud to be the first venue in the Middle East to obtain this international double distinction since it demonstrates our commitment to excellence as well as our pledge to provide the best for our clients and workers".

As you may know, the first venues in the world to obtain the Double Excellence in Nightlife distinction were Pacha BarcelonaShôko, Bestial, Carpe Diem Lounge Club, Opium Mar, Ice Bar and Agua. All these venues are located at the Barceloneta Beach Front said to be the busiest and most visited nightlife area in all Europe. 

The international safety seal that bears the name "International Nightlife Safety Certified (INSC)", requires the nightlife to pass a rigorous field inspection to certify that the venue disposes of one or several cardiac resuscitators( depending on venue capacity), a portable metal detector at the entrances of the premises, a breathalyzer at the exit of the premises, a map indicating the emergency exits exposed in their accesses, implement a protocol for the prevention of sexual harassment, and having their employees pass a 4-hour practical course on safety issues, as well as checking the proper functioning of emergency exits with anti-panic bars, the existence of revised extinguishers, the possession of a certificate of solidity of the premises and layout of fire-retardant furniture and decorative material. The seal also requires a series of posters on the prohibition of the sale of alcohol to minors, prohibition of possession, consumption, and sale of drugs as well as a recommendation to drink responsibly.

The second seal making up the Double Excellence is the International Nightlife Acoustic Quality (INAQ) being its main goal is to improve acoustic matters in venues in order to protect the hearing health of clients and workers as well as better the coexistence between neighbors and the community by reducing acoustic pollution. The main novelty of said seal is that the nightlife venue must have acoustic ear protectors available to customers and workers who are in areas where the acoustic level exceeds 90 dB (A). In addition, among other requirements to obtain this seal, the premises must have double doorsemit less than 45db (A) towards the outside environmenthave posters warning of possible damages to the auditory system in areas where there is an exposure greater than 90 dB (A) , have posters at exits asking to respect the rest of the neighborsemit less than 30 dB (A) towards the indoor environment of neighboring homes accredited with the corresponding acoustic audit and have exceeded a course on acoustic matters for its staff.
Currently, the International Nightlife Association has developed a third seal, the International Nightlife Quality Service (INQS) seal to make up the “Triple Excellence in Nightlife”. Said seal will evaluate venues through a mystery audit in terms of service quality, amongst the aspects that are audited are customer service, VIP services, communication and social media, decoration, comfort, etcCavalli Club Dubai is already implementing this INQS seal and so is in the process of making up the "Triple Excellence in Nightlife" distinction. 
Lastly, we would like to add that having this triple international distinction will be taken into account and add points to the final ranking of "The Worlds 100 Best Clubs" list which the International Nightlife Association produces annually and that this year will be made public in Bogotá (Colombia) this upcoming November
We are pleased to attach a picture of INA’s Secretary General, Joaquim Boadas handing the Double Excellence in Nightlife certification to Cavalli Club Dubai’s General Manager Hayan Abou Assali
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