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Admission to the test event on 25 June will be free, with priority given to the island's frontline workers, and the wearing of masks will be compulsory

The Balearic Government and the Asociación Ocio de Ibiza (AOI), adhered to the International Nightlife Association have agreed on the conditions to hold a pilot event at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza. The event on 25 June will be the hotel’s renowned Children of the 80's party and is part of a test to stimulate the leisure and entertainment sector on the island.

The conditions require a maximum capacity of 2,000 people, although to ensure the smooth running of the event, it has been decided to reduce the capacity to 1,500 and the wearing of masks will be compulsory at all times. The venue will have an enclosed dance area for 500 people and drinks must always be consumed at a table. The event will start at 7 p.m. and end at midnight.

In gratitude for their work in the hardest phase of the pandemic, Ocio de Ibiza – the association that represents Ibiza’s main nightclubs, beach clubs, and party brands - will invite the island’s frontline workers from various industries to attend the event. The invitation will be nominal, personal and, non-transferable.

"They deserve it. It's for them. We owe them a lot," stresses the Manager of the Ibiza Leisure Association and President of the International Nightlife Association, José Luis Benítez, who adds that entry to the event will be totally free.

“There is huge interest in this event and so the capacity will be completely fulfilled by the island’s essential workers. We’re sure that the public will understand. We have sent invitations to the majority of workplaces, such as the hospital and members of State Security Forces and Corps, among others. If there are places available, we will launch a website where more essential workers from other companies can sign up for. We know that there have been many groups that have been on the front line during the pandemic. I can only say to the general public that Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza will hold more events when they are authorized this season", explains Benítez.

Operational and hygiene measures for the event

When registering to attend the event, all attendees must include their personal details and state whether they have been vaccinated (with one or two doses), or have recovered from coronavirus. They will also be required to have a negative PCR test performed 72 hours before the event. Those who do not meet any of these three requirements must undergo an antigen test hours before the start of the event at a designated location in the vicinity of the venue. A team from Emergency Staff, a company specializing in health and safety in recreational environments, will carry out the tests. Once the registration has been formalized, a ticket with a QR code will be generated which will be used to access the event.

Access to the site will be staggered to avoid crowding. The entrance ticket will indicate the time they can access the event. Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza will have sufficient security personnel to ensure compliance with security protocols and, at the same time, to avoid large groups forming.

Although the risk of contagion is lower in open spaces, all hygiene measures agreed with the Balearic Government will be implemented, such as temperature checks, the installation of hydroalcoholic gel dispensers, as well as the obligation to wear a mask that can only be removed for drinking. In this sense, a specific area will be set up so that the public can buy drinks at the bar without crowding and access a designated area with tables where they can drink.

A dance area will also be set up with a capacity for 500 people, and with different access and exit points where drinking will not be allowed. This area will also be directly controlled by security guards. Masks will be available at the bar for customers who request them, and the toilets will be continuously cleaned. Likewise, the collaboration of law enforcement has been requested to avoid crowds both at the beginning and at the end of the event outside the venue.

"The test event aims to show that leisure activity and events can resume with the application of preventive measures. It is a priority to demonstrate that a regulated events venue offers more health and safety guarantees than illegal parties without any measures in place. We must prepare for the return of events in order to stop uncontrolled and unregulated leisure activity", says the Manager of the Ibiza Leisure Association.

Similarly, Joaquim Boadas, Secretary General of the International Nightlife Association and Spain Nightlife has stated, “The different pilot events that have been carried out these past months such as the one in Sala Apolo Barcelona, Liverpool, and Amsterdam, have proven that nightlife and the prevention of the spread of viruses can coexist with the proper measures in place. It’s about time that we start reopening an industry that has been closed or highly restricted for the past year, even with the economic shortfall the industry is facing, business owners and worker’s are determined to chip in for reopening to run as smoothly and as a safe as possible”.

Iván Brión, Global Operations Director of Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, equally hails the pilot as a first step towards the reopening of the sector. "We are very happy to be able to be a part of this test promoted by the Balearic Government and Ocio de Ibiza. We are confident that this trial will serve to reactivate the island's leisure sector. We have made a great effort to have everything ready for this date so that everyone who attends will have a great experience. This event is a tribute to the essential workers to whom we have a lot to thank and for this reason, we have chosen to celebrate one of the most loved events - Children of the 80's", explains Brión.

Children of the 80's will be the chosen party for this rehearsal

Children of the 80's is the brand that has revolutionized the music scene in Ibiza and Tenerife with its events full of nostalgia, retro fashion, old school music, and live performances by artists who are a symbol of the 80s era.

Since its birth in Ibiza in 2015 by The Night League, the event’s popularity has grown very quickly over the years and is now established as one of the best-known events on the island. Children of the 80’s offers an alternative musical experience that appeals to a range of audiences, thus uniting different generations in front of one stage. The daytime event goes on until midnight and is open-air, which are further characteristics that have made it so special and different.

Names such as Village People, Boney M, Ultra Naté, GALA, Samantha Fox, Sabrina Salerno, Sugar Hill Gang, Barbara Tucker, VengaBoys, Alice DJ, to name but a few artists, have already played on the stages of Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza and Tenerife in recent years. The headline artists are always accompanied by an army of dancers and performers that keep the audience entertained with every track played at each Children of the 80's event.

Quique Tejada, Toni Peret, and José María Castells, members of the DJ trio Dream Team Reload, as well as Petit & Vázquez, creators of the popular party La Movida Ibiza, and saxophonist Lugotti, will be in charge of revving up the audience with uplifting tracks. The special guest artist is a surprise and will be revealed in the days in the lead-up to the event.
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We are pleased to inform you that Levels Hong Kong has recently become the first Gold Member of the International Nightlife Association in China and so, the first club recommended by our Organization in that country.  Levels Hong Kong opened its doors in 2012 and it's one of the most prestigious clubs in Asia for offering a different nightlife concept. Also Levels was ranked #37 on The World's 100 Best Clubs 2017 List and this year has been nominated once again to enter this year's edition.  Levels Hong Kong has an 8,000 square feet space featuring the latest Logic Systems Pro Audio, over 25 meters of LED screens, and state of the art laser lightshows, resulting in a brand new immersive clubbing experience tailored to each visiting DJ or performing artist’s style. With two island bars, 25 VIP tables, and 4 members booths, the décor also highlights an elevated DJ booth surrounded by LED screens, and a unique two-in-one design showcasing Hong Kong’s vibrant city life, from reflective mirrored surfaces paying homage to the city’s glamorous, iconic skyline, to neon lights and wooden accents for a more playful, hip vibe. With this new entry, the International Nightlife Association currently has Gold Members in United States of AmericaUnited Arab EmiratesSpain, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Philippines and China and at the same time is expanding to other territories like Japan, India, Russia, Croatia and Colombia. We are glad to remind you that the International Nightlife Association is restricted to on-licensed venues and the Gold Membership distinction can be achieved only by those on-licensed venues that stand-out for their quality and prestige in their territory. So, by obtaining this recognition the Gold Member venues become recommended clubs by our organization so that they gain access to clients via luxury concierge companies that collaborate with our Association, are highlighted on the International Nightlife Guide, obtain social media promotion, have access to consulting services and exchange clients with other Gold Members from other countries. But the promotion of quality, prestige and excellence in nightlife by the International Nightlife Association doesn't stop here, and so, since a few months back our organization is implementing "The Triple Excellence in Nightlife" distinction, which at the same time is restricted also to Gold Members. The "Triple Excellence in Nightlife" gives visibility and prestige to those venues that implement it and is made up of the “International Nightlife Safety Certified” (INSC), the “International Nightlife Acoustic Quality” (INAQ) and the “International Nightlife Quality Service” (INQS) seals. At the moment, one club in the world has already implemented the Triple Excellence (Cavalli Club Dubai), and 5 other clubs in Barcelona are implementing it this week as we will inform very soon.  For more information please email us at infoThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Or for  more information please call (+34) 902.099.500 or  (+34) 670.703.370.

It’s no surprise that Port Du Soleil is on the list of “The World’s 100 Best Clubs 2017” and has been nominated once again this year to enter “The World’s 100 Best Clubs 2018” list. Coming in at #71 in 2017, and being the only venue in Sweden, Port Du Soleil strives for greatness and aims to offer a full mind-blowing experience, offering the best vibes of Ibiza in the heart of Gothenburg, Sweden riverside. Port du Soleil is characterized by its given name which transports you to the French Riviera or a night out in Ibiza. As its slogan, “not your usual nightclub” says, Port Du Soleil’s goal is to give the best not only in Sweden but produce an international top of the line nightlife concept for locals and visitors. It’s no wonder everyone is coming back for more with all decorative details inspired by Miami and Ibizan nightclub interiors not to mention the ambience, entertainment and DJ line-up. Moreover, Port Du Soleil has already had over 200.000 visitors in just over 3 months this 2018 summer season.    

Port Du Soleil has an indoor and outdoor space, with two big bars and an enormous dance floor and a vast terrace with an outdoor bar to enjoy a drink under the stars on a summer night. In fact, Port Du Soleil is also famous for having the biggest day parties in Sweden with approximately 3.500 attendees in the outside garden. If you are in the mood for some food, Port Du Soleil also has a unique gastronomical experience to accompany your lovely summer evening.  You should know you will be in good hands with the staff at Port Du Soleil as they are skilled and dedicated to giving their clientele the best customer service quality possible as well as introducing new concepts to constantly evolve.

If one thing is for sure, Port Du Soleil wants to always be different and stand-out from the rest,  for this reason they are highly focused on stretching the boundaries and trying out new stuff bringing the best entertainment such as dancers, performers, props and the best lighting and sound system. Their core values have always been to offer an international concept of joy, quality, exclusivity, playfulness and the feeling that the nightclub is perceived as something that is not ordinary. Although Port Du Soleil features local artists they also frequently headline world renown international Dj’s such as Martin Solveig, Benny Benassi, Fedde Le Grand, Nervo, Eric Prydz and many more. Additionally, this past June, Port Du Soleil has hosted the famous and internationally known, United Ants party that has cemented a reputation for incredible breathtaking events and the DJ duo Andrea Oliva and Joris Voorn.

Above all, Port Du Soleil is #GoldMember of the International Nightlife Association and so, recommended by our organization. Not to mention, the first nightclub in Sweden to become Gold Member of our organization. 

The International Nightlife Association offers the Mayor of Adeje all its support in the Butterfly nightclub case, with the aim of trying to avoid future cases such as the one occurred.

The implementation of the international safety seal "International Nightlife Safety Certified" will be proposed to the nightlife venues in the area.

Dear all, 

In the wake of the unpleasant incident that occurred early Sunday at the "Butterfly" club in Adeje, Tenerife (Spain), when the floor of the venue gave way and 40 people fell onto the ground floor, the International Nightlife Association, through its member association in Spain (Spain Nightlife), wants to send a message of support to the injured in the incident and also to the Mayor of Adeje. In these complicated moments, the International Nightlife Association and Spain Nightlife, is offering the Mayor of Adeje all its knowledge, means and tools available to try to prevent incidents like these from happening again. In this sense, the International Nightlife Association, being aware of the difficulty of being able to detect in advance a problem like the one affecting the foundation of the affected nightclub, plans to offer the Mayor of Adeje, Mr. José Miguel Rodríguez, the possibility of implementing the international safety seal, “International Nightlife Safety Certified”, in the nightclubs. The International Nightlife Association has been developing said seal for 4 years with the support of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, with the aim of improving security in nightlife establishments. The meeting has already been requested and could be held in the next upcoming days. The international distinction referred to works like an international license would, considering it requires the fulfillment of a series of specific safety requirements for the nightlife sector that are homogeneous for everyone. This seal has two categories, the "Basic" and the "Premium", the second being more demanding in terms of requirements to be met, but both incorporate an inspection protocol that allows improving the safety and security of nightlife establishments as well as distinguishing between those venues who bet for safety in a clear and open way, of those who do not. The seal not only promotes the passive safety of users but also active safety and protects them from very diverse possibilities. Recently, at the 4th International Nightlife Congress held in Ibiza this past October, the "International Nightlife Safety Certified" seal was presented and all the guest speakers, among whom, the Director of Affiliated Members of the United Nations World Tourism Organization –Mrs. Yolanda Perdomo- agreed that said seal is the best bet for the prevention of incidents in nightlife establishments worldwide. In addition, this seal obtained the Golden Moon Award in the category “Best Safety Action” as the best initiative in this matter.
From the International Nightlife Association we consider, in any case, that the incident that occurred in Adeje is a totally isolated case and that it should be investigated, under no circumstances should make us think that nightlife is unsafe. According to Mr. Joaquim Boadas, General Secretary of the International Nightlife Association and of Spain Nightlife, stated this morning that, "Facts like these unfairly and badly deteriorate the image of the nightlife sector at a local, national and international level, so it is very important that the public opinion visualizes that the nightlife sector is betting openly and vigorously for the safety of its clients, which is why we make this seal available to all venues, so that customers can know in advance, before going to a nightlife venue, if it meets international safety requirements, which will be a key factor when it comes to attracting customers, especially tourists". It is safe to say that the nightlife sector moves-directly or indirectly-about 33% of international tourism, so it is extremely important that public administrations help the sector in its task of implementing these programs of excellence as they help the sector and its users, but also protects the image and prestige of the tourist destinations that have a greater nightlife offer.  When an incident like this occurs, the image of the destination where it has occurred is also seriously damaged, as well as the image of the rest of nightlife venues in the area and the world, which is why a joint commitment of the administration and the sector in favor of the safety of nightlife establishments is essential for certifying and highlighting their safety on an international basis. In this sense, from the International Nightlife Association we are already working together with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to expand the distinction at a world-wide level, since the organization has over 158 affiliated members who are governments from different parts of the world. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at (+34) 902.099.500 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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