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Ibiza's club openings attracted 30,000 tourists

Venues such as Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, Hï Ibiza, and DC-10 open their doors with the highest level of safety and excellence in nightlife

(IBIZA, SPAIN) May 2, 2023

Ibiza has experienced the kick-off for the summer this weekend with the opening of its main nightclubs. The Ibiza Nightlife Association (Ocio de Ibiza), adhered to the International Nightlife Association (INA) through Spain Nightlife, estimates that this year’s openings have attracted over 30,000 visitors to the island.

According to Periódico de Ibiza, tourists from Italy, the United Kingdom, and mainland Spain wanted to take the opportunity to experience the opening parties of some of the most famous clubs in Europe. The Ibizan airport has been abuzz with more than 1,000 operations during the long weekend.

José Luis Benítez, the spokesperson for Ocio de Ibiza and President of the International Nightlife Association, highlighted that most venues have sold out. This, he explains, represents a revenue of 35 million euros.

The Island’s Awaited Openings

The opening of nightclubs has been staggered, to the advantage of visitors who wanted to chain one party after another. Pachá opened on Friday, while, Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel and Hï Ibiza on Saturday. Followed by Club Chinois on Sunday and DC-10 on Monday.

Ibiza’s sister clubs and Gold Members of the INA, Hï Ibiza and Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel held a sold-out, record-breaking joint opening party with an audience of over 13,000 people. This summer the two venues are expected to have over 1.5 million visitors and 1,000 different artists, making 2023 the biggest season since 2019.

Also, Nassau Beach Club, another Gold Member venue of the INA opened its doors this past April as it celebrates it’s fifteenth anniversary.

Professionalizing the industry and offering the best to clients and workers

The INA’s main objective is to promote safety, quality, and service excellence in nightlife to increase worker and client satisfaction. Gold Member venues in Ibiza such as Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel and Hï Ibiza obtained the Triple Excellence in Nightlife and DC-10 is currently implementing it. Recently all this season’s staff have been trained on safety manners and specifically in the Ask for Angela protocol and to avoid sexual violence in venues.

Jose Luis Benítez, spokesperson for Ocio de Ibiza and President of the INA said, “This past weekend has been an incredible start to the 2023 season, the staff were very professional and offered the best service to the record-breaking visitors that came for the club openings. This season’s staff has already been trained to offer the highest standards in safety, sexual violence prevention, and offering world-class service. As nightlife business owners we believe in offering the necessary tools to professionalize the industry and take care of workers and clients for everyone’s benefit.”

Representatives of the International Nightlife Association meet with the Government of Ibiza

The meeting was held by representatives of the industry from Spain, Italy, and Colombia, and topics related to safety, quality and excellence were discussed

The Government of Ibiza supports the international distinction Triple Excellence that promotes safety and quality in the sector

(IBIZA, SPAIN) May 19, 2022 Representatives of the International Nightlife Association (INA) and member associations in Spain (SPAIN NIGHTLIFE), Italy (SILB), and Colombia (ASOBARES), as well as Ocio de Ibiza (OI) met yesterday with the Consell d'Eivissa. On the employer side, José Luis Benítez, President of the International Nightlife Association and spokesperson for Ocio de Ibiza, Maurizio Pasca, President of the Italian Nightlife Association (SILB) and Vice President of the INA for Europe, Camilo Ospina, President of the Board of Directors of ASOBARES Colombia and Vice President of the INA for Latam, and Joaquim Boadas, Secretary-General of the INA and Spain Nightlife, as well as other members of the board of directors of the Italian Nightlife Association attended the meeting.

On the other hand, President Vicent Marí and Director of Tourism Juan Miguel Costa attended on behalf of the Government of Ibiza, the hosts of the meeting. Within the framework of the meeting, collaborations were put forward between the different territories with trips and visits included to exchange ideas and projects to continue promoting safety, quality and excellence in nightlife and, consequently, continue to attract tourists from all over the world.

The President of Ibiza affirms that the safety and quality seals benefit the Ibizan venues that implement them and also the "Ibiza" brand

The President of Ibiza gave its full support to the main distinctions promoted by the INA, such as now the Triple Excellence in Nightlife which promotes safety, quality and excellence in nightlife, as well as the GastroMoon, which unites quality nightlife with haute cuisine and is promoted by the INA together with the World Association of Chefs’ Societies. President of Ibiza stated that "Everything that involves promoting safety and quality in nightlife will have our support and backing, as this not only means improving the services and image of Ibiza’s venues that implement it in this way as well as for its clients and workers, but it is also a benefit for the Ibiza brand".

On his behalf, Joaquim Boadas, General Secretary of the INA and Spain Nightlife, thanked the Island’s President for his support and stated that "Our main objective is to dignify the nightlife sector and we are doing so by promoting international safety and quality that contributes to the protection and comfort of our clients and workers". The nightlife employer representative wanted to recall the last requirement that the organization is demanding to obtain the International Nightlife Safety Checked (INSC), which is to "Have drink protectors available to those who wish to avoid cases of drink spiking and that is added to the protocol already implemented to avoid cases of sexual assault that goes by the name "Ask for Angela" among other security measures".

Precisely right now in Ibiza, three venues are renewing the Triple Excellence in Nightlife and they are Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, Hï Ibiza and DC-10, while other venues have shown interest in being the first in the Balearic Islands to get hold of a GastroMoon.

The event will close out the 13th edition of the International Music Summit.

A slew of renowned DJs are primed to breathe new life into a 2,500-year-old fort on the White Isle.

The organizers of the International Music Summit (IMS), one of the world's top electronic music conferences, have announced the return of their flagship IMS Dalt Vila event in Ibiza's famous Old Town. For seven hours, Jamie JonesThe Blessed Madonna and more will perform at the historic fort of Dalt Vila, which was officially named a World Heritage Listed Site by UNESCO in 1999.

Scheduled for April 29th in partnership with Pioneer DJ and Skiddle, IMS Dalt Vila will tie a bow on the summit's 13th edition while launching the summer season on the island. In early 2022, tourism officials confirmed a late April target date for the return of Ibiza's nightlife sector following a brutal string of postponements and cancellations contrived by the pandemic.

The return of IMS Dalt Vila features a stellar lineup of techno and house music lynchpins. The event will feature a triad of collaborative DJ sets from Jamie Jones and Madonna, Joy Orbison and Overmono, and Prospa and Jaguar. Artists set for solo performances include Patrick Topping, TSHA, LaLa, and Artche.

IMS DALT VILA 2022 LINEUP                                                                     

B2B Sets:
Jamie Jones B2B The Blessed Madonna – Headline Slot
Joy Orbison B2B Overmono (DJ) – Sunset Slot
Prospa B2B Jaguar

Solo Sets:
Patrick Topping

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Wednesday, 01 December 2021 10:18

Ibiza Traditions

Ibiza's insular character has nurtured and protected a rich heritage of traditions that is very appealing to sensitive and curious travelers.
The Ibiza countryside accumulates centuries of tradition in its houses, churches, dry stone walls, wells, and fountains. Throughout the island, there are excellent examples of traditional country houses, with their whitewashed facades, their cubic shapes, their small windows... To discover the architecture that gave Ibiza the nickname of White Island, it is enough to go into the secondary roads of the interior, where they appear in the middle of a farm field or converted into cozy restaurants.
Also the traditional dance of Ibiza, the "Ball Pagès", stands out for being a folkloric representation without equality in the Mediterranean.
In this ancestral courtship dance, the women move hieratically tracing curves while the man makes constant jumps around them while playing large castanets called castanyoles. In addition to the dance, you have to pay attention to the traditional costumes, the goldsmith work of the enterprises, true works of art in silver, gold, and coral that adorn the chest of the women; and the instrumental group that accompanies the dancers, made up of the drum, the flute, and the espasí, a unique metallic percussion musical instrument that looks like a sword.
Knowing how Ibizans live their traditions is very simple: just join the patron saint festivities of the towns or the more than twenty popular ballades that are celebrated in wells and fountains from April to October. On all these occasions, the performance of the ball pagès is followed by a tasting of traditional sweets (orelletes and bunyols). Apart from these festive events, visitors can also enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of the ball pagès in the performances scheduled during the summer season in the courtyard of the church of Sant Miquel and in the port of Ibiza.
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Shopping in Ibiza

Cosmopolitan, casual, open and very inspiring. The unique character of our island has marked the creations in art, design and crafts since the first European and American travelers began to arrive in the 1930s, many of them intellectuals, architects and bohemians. That current of creativity was boosted by Ibiza becoming one of the international refuges of the hippy movement, which brought to the island its desire for freedom, its absence of rules and its characteristic styling, which still inspires designers and goldsmiths and sowed the seed of one of Ibiza's icons: Adlib fashion.
It was in 1971 when the Yugoslav princess Smilja Mihailovitch promoted the so-called Adlib fashion, a free and casual style that was inspired by the traditional clothes of Ibizan women and the hippy aesthetic of the time. Its name came from the Latin word ad-libitum, which means pleasure, and its motto was: "Dress as you please, but dress with pleasure." Several decades later, Adlib fashion has become one of the island's creative benchmarks, a product recognized on international catwalks that stands out for its comfortable and bright designs, the use of 100% natural fabrics and the inclusion of crochet trim, ruffles, embroidery or traditional lace. Today, there is a wide range of prestigious Adlib fashion designers on the island and a large group of new designers whose clothes and accessories can be bought in Ibiza boutiques.
Another of the most popular tourist attractions on our island are the hippie flea markets, a must-see for lovers of shopping and unique finds. The most famous are the Hippy Market of Las Dalias, which keeps its doors open every Saturday of the year, and the Hippy Market of Punta Arabí, which is held every Wednesday from May to October and is the oldest and most extensive on the island. . Beyond these two essentials, the island has other markets with their own personality, such as those of Sant Joan, Santa Gertrudis, Sant Miquel, Sant Antoni, the second-hand market of Sant Jordi or the artisan market of Sant Rafel.
But there are even more whims made in Ibiza to fall in love with. For example, the ceramic pieces that the teachers work in the workshop shops of Sant Rafel, a town declared “Area of ​​artisan interest”; the paintings and sculptures of local artists exhibited in the art galleries of Ibiza and a delicious variety of gastronomic souvenirs with which to taste Ibiza once you are at home: Ibiza honey, Ibiza salt, Ibizan herbs, sheep cheese or goat, sobrasada, olive oil, Ibiza wines and sweets, such as orelletes, flaó and ensaimada.
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Ibiza, bite by bite

Gastronomy has become one of the great attractions of the island, allowing the traveler to savor both the typical island dishes and the new contemporary Ibizan cuisine as well as the culinary proposals from the most varied corners of the world.
One of the biggest surprises that Ibiza provides is the quality of its restaurants. On many of the beaches and coves, you can find a simple beach bar or a sophisticated establishment where you can enjoy the freshest product, with the best quality, and made with the mastery of tradition.
With seafood they prepare, for example, the octopus frit, the bullit de peix (a fish stew boiled with potatoes that is served with arroz a banda), squid stuffed with sobrasada, borrida de rajada (ray stew), pickled gerret (caramel) or in rice with cauliflower, fried raor (galán) or many other dishes where Ibiza's red lobster, grouper, San Pedro's rooster, red or cabracho, espardenyes (cucumber de mar), Ibizan prawns, monkfish, sirvia (lemon fish), dentex ...
For its part, the land provides the key ingredients in dishes with a peasant accent, such as arroz de matanzas, tomato salad with dried fish and crostres (pieces of stale bread), frita de porc, faves ofegades (literally beans drowned), the sofrit pagès, the cuinat (wakefulness stew), the coca de peppers ... And the desserts, where the flaó (a cake made with sheep or goat cheese and mint), the greixonera (a type of pudding of ensaimadas), bunyols or buñuelos and orelletes, a fluffy sweet with the scent of lemon and anise.
Beaches, nature, leisure, and heritage are usually the main arguments for choosing Ibiza for the first time. Gastronomy, however, is the reason that always pushes us to return.
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Ibiza, territory for action

In Ibiza, the fun sought by the most restless and passionate travelers of sport abounds. A complete menu of active tourism activities and sports competitions that invites you to enjoy the island's nature throughout the year while exercising your body and overcoming new challenges.
The variety of sports activities available in Ibiza is very attractive and diverse, as there is no shortage of challenges and entertainment for all ages and all levels of experience. In fact, the island's annual calendar of sporting events includes national and international competitions in cycling, marathon, triathlon, sailing, trial, mountain biking, open water swimming, rally, running,… One more reason! to look at the agenda and schedule a getaway to Ibiza!
With 210 kilometers of coastline and a very mild climate, the island does not skimp on corners or opportunities to get away from the sun lounger and give the body a good dose of action in the water. In the different tourist centers and in numerous beaches and coves, the traveler finds a wide range of companies specialized in aquatic and nautical activities: water skiing, kitesurfing, paddle surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, rides on water scooters, inflatables, or jet skis. ; fishing, parasailing… Not to mention the schools that offer sailing and diving courses.
In addition, the best way to admire the authentic Ibiza that survives in fields, valleys, and forests is to do it at the leisurely pace set by the walks on foot or by bicycle. The island has a wide network of well-laid mountain biking and hiking routes, so it is very easy to include this activity during the holidays. Information on the different routes and their levels of difficulty -low, intermediate and high- can be obtained from the tourist information portals of the municipalities, as well as the programming of free guided routes organized by the municipalities throughout the winter and the summer season.
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Natural Ibiza

Natural Ibiza
Many travelers come to Ibiza in search of beautiful coves and beaches with crystal clear waters and leave in love with the landscape and nature of the interior. The island surprises by its beautiful fields dotted with white traditional houses and by the perennial greenery of the extensive forests of Aleppo pine that generously cover the hills, which is why the Greeks called the archipelago formed by Ibiza and Formentera with the name of Pitiusas Islands, the pine islands.
But in addition to this green mantle that appears in any panoramic view, Ibiza offers many other landscapes to be remembered, such as the almond blossom fields of Santa Agnès de Corona, the reddened vineyards of Sant Mateu d'Albarca, the famous and spectacular sunsets, the carob tree fields where sheep graze or the steep cliffs of the north.
More than 43% of the island's surface is protected, highlighting areas such as the Natural Park of Ses Salines de Ibiza and Formentera and the site of Es Amunts de Ibiza. In addition, 75.4% of Ibiza's coastline is also under protection, such as the Marine Reserve of the northeast coast of Ibiza-Tagomago and the Nature Reserves of Es Vedrà, Es Vedranell, and the islets of Poniente.
Enjoying the most beautiful landscapes and landscapes of Ibiza is easy and very stimulating thanks to the extensive network of routes for hikers and cyclists throughout the island and the various routes for kayaking or paddle surfing that can be followed along the coast of Ibiza. And for the most curious travelers, interesting informative spaces await, such as the Cap Blanc Aquarium, the Puig des Molins astronomical observatory, and the interpretation centers of Ses Salines, Es Amunts, and Can Planetes.
In the flora and fauna present in Ibiza there are names worth paying attention to, such as the pitiusa lizard, a species endemic to Ibiza and Formentera that is easy to see along walls and paths; the common flamingo that lives most of the year in the ponds of the Natural Park of Ses Salines; the Ibizan podenco, a native breed that stands out for its reddish spots; Eleonora's falcon, the Balearic shearwater, the posidonia meadows that filter and oxygenate the waters of the beaches and coves, the centennial olive trees. .. A natural treasure that makes any stay in Ibiza even more enriching.
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Ibiza is pure Mediterranean essence. Its beaches, landscapes, heritage, gastronomy and people treasure the best of the cultures that have forged the unique personality of this island unparalleled in the world. Fun, natural, cosmopolitan, extravagant, romantic and lover of the good life, Ibiza presents itself as an ideal holiday destination for families and travelers of all types and all ages: hikers, divers, sailors, cyclists, gourmets, clubbers, artists, market lovers…

The island of Ibiza has the fortune to host a vast wealth of treasures and surprises in an area of ​​just 572 km2, which allows you to explore its attractions comfortably. The distance between the two farthest points of the island does not reach 50 kilometers, although most tourist sites of interest are reached in an average of 15 minutes by car or motorcycle, depending on the point of origin. Ibiza also offers travelers various tourist areas in which to stay and enjoy beautiful beaches, fun leisure activities and delicious cuisine without the need for transfers.

The climate of Ibiza is typically Mediterranean, with warm summers with little rain and sunny and pleasant winters. With almost 3,000 hours of sunshine a year and very benign average temperatures, Ibiza is enjoyed 365 days a year as each season has its own attractions. Beyond the beautiful turquoise beaches, the island offers a rich historical and cultural heritage that is shown to the visitor through traditional architecture, archaeological sites and folklore, as well as a wide network of trails for walkers and cyclists suitable for autumn, winter and spring. Not forgetting that the island changes its landscape in each season giving prominence according to the moment to the ubiquitous pine forests, the fields of olive trees and orange trees, the flowering of the almond tree, the nakedness of the fig trees or the leafy shade of the carob tree.

The 210 kilometers of the Ibizan coast and its almost 60 beaches offer the simplest and most attractive pleasures of summer, such as swimming in a wild cove of turquoise waters, taking a nap under the shade of a pine tree, diving, paddle surfing o kayak; explore the horizon from the top of a watchtower, get lost on a coastal path and discover a new favorite corner, enjoy a delicious fish dish by the sea, admire the famous sunsets of Ibiza with the best chill-out music, play with family on safe shores for children's bath, walk on the beach…

Pure Mediterranean life with the magic of Ibiza.

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Ibiza opens its doors to an unforgettable holiday by offering its visitors thousands of small treasures hidden in just over 572 square kilometers. There are lots of proposals that allow you to live indelible experiences in a friendly destination and able to ensure the well-being of its visitors.

The island is still the ideal environment to enjoy the dream trip, whether with family, friends, as a couple or alone. Thanks to an enviable natural environment, incredible gastronomy, and unforgettable leisure and free time experiences, Ibiza always surprises with a wide and careful offer for all tastes, all ages, and all concerns.

Its natural characteristics and its mild Mediterranean climate make it, in addition, the ideal space for the practice of outdoor sports and in full contact with nature: diving, hiking, swimming, tennis, sailing, golf ... are some of the possibilities offered by the island for amateur sports, although in recent years, Ibiza has also become a benchmark in the organization of national and international competitive sporting events, such as the Cycling to Ibiza, The Route of the Salt, the Ibiza Marathon, the race to the island in MBT, the Three Days of Ibiza Trail, the Ibiza Half Triathlon or the Half Marathon.

The island has centuries of history, tradition, and customs waiting to be discovered. On the one hand, it is a cosmopolitan, modern, fun island and on the other, Ibiza retains that essence of the people who proudly maintain its history and tradition. An open society but proud of its roots and customs, presenting in shows and craft markets and also in Adlib Fashion, a unique and singular industry that captures in its designs the spirit and essence of the island itself.

The pines and savins that cover the mountains and the interior landscape of the island in green contrast with the kilometers of crystal clear waters that owe their turquoise hue to the Posidonia meadows, recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage Site and one of the greatest marine treasures guarded by the island. The fine golden sand beaches share miles of coastline with secluded coves, natural caves, and unusual landscapes from which to enjoy every moment.

The walled enclosure of Dalt Vila, declared a World Heritage Site next to the remains of the Phoenician settlement of Sa Caleta, houses among its streets many must-see properties for those who hope to relive a rich past forged in unique and magical corners. The rich history of the island and the valuable legacy left by it by great civilizations also have a must-see in the Archaeological Museum of Puig des Molins. More than three thousand hypogeums preserved in the largest Punic necropolis in the Mediterranean that preserves its essence under the watchful eye of Tanit, the Ibizan Goddess whose image is exhibited in the Archaeological Museum.

Leaving the city, the tour offers a journey through time through the rural churches that dot the entire island territory. Small and white buildings that evoke an agricultural and austere past that is still very present today in the villages furthest from the coast, where imposing defense towers built in antiquity to defend the population from constant pirate attacks are preserved that the island suffered.

Lovers of gastronomy will find a wide, rich and varied range of dishes with the quality and flavor that only fresh and zero-kilometer products can offer. The gastronomic offer is open to all palates and demands, from family restaurants serving traditional cuisine to exclusive places led by nationally and internationally renowned chefs.

Ibiza is open to the sun, the sea, history, culture, heritage, and gastronomy, concentrating, in a small space, all the islands in one.

Ibiza, open for holidays.

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