Acapulco entrepreneurs ask for help

Owners of hotels, restaurants and nightlife venues in Acapulco Guerrero have asked the government to protect the well-known tourist harbor after the recent and continuous incidents occurred

Owners of hotels, restaurants and nightlife venues in Acapulco Guerrero are very worried about the incidents that continuously are occurring recently in Chilpancingo, Iguala and Acapulco, in this laste case extremely violent during the last years.

Nowadays, Acapulco is living one of its worst crisis of its history. The sector's entrepreneurs are almost in bankruptcy  and without funds due to the crisis that has affected during the last years the harbor that during decades has been the main tourist attraction of Mexico.

The entrepreneurs of these sectors were hopeful about the last part of the year to help them to support the important expenses they have had but the fact is that today in Acapulco there's a deep crisis and many flights and hotels reservations have been canceled so, discoteques, bars and restaurants have suffered an important damage which is affecting not only entrepreneur's investments but also employments and their families that depend only on tourism.

Insecurity, impunity, corruption, the not application of law and consequently the violation of state governed by the rule of law and violence tolerance have generated that the Highway and Airport obstruction have caused a situation of defencelessness to the harbor. Consequently, these events have situated Acapulco as one of the last places to visit in the country.

So, it's necessary the total support of the government in order to restore the estate governed by the rule, apply the law and protect this tourist harbor. On the contrary, probably a lot of restaurants, bars, hotels and nightlife venues will have to shut down.