Presented in Hollywood internationalnightlife security seal

The past Tuesday 20th, a first-of-its-kind international security protocol called “Secure Nightlife Venue” was presented at OHM Nightclubin Hollywood, CA, USA. The 1st Vice President of the International Nightlife Association, J.C. Diaz, explained, “the implementation of this program aims to put an end to the increase in tragic deaths in nightclub fires which has caused 3,697 deaths so far.”  He highlighted the importance that the nightlife sector has united for the first time in history under an international organization branded the International Nightlife Association.

Joaquim Boadas, General Secretary of the International Nightlife Association, explained that the origin and the reason for the creation of this distinctive safety program was due to the tragic incident where 232 people died in a fire at the 'Kiss' Nightclub in Brazil on January 2013. He stated that “after seeing the images of the horrific accident where more than 200 young people died, we decided that we had to do something to make a change so this does not happen ever again”. Two months later the 1st International Nightlife Congress was organized in Barcelona to explore international minimum safety standards. The collaboration with the prestigious ICDQ, a certification organization, resulted in the “Secure Nightlife Venue” seal. He justified the creation of the seal for international security taking into account that “when an accident occurs in any nightclub in the world for not meeting the minimum safety standards, it places doubt in the safety of the whole industry worldwide, and therefore obligates us to present this certification as a international security license” that interests everyone from venue owners to customers “because we all have family and friends who travel around the world who are only interested in going out to safe premises”.

Finally Ismael Rivera, President of ANIDICE the National Association of Discotheques and Bars in Mexico and 3rd Vice President of the International Nightlife Association,intervened. He highlighted the need that as industry employers at the international level, the International Nightlife Association has do everything in its power to prevent accidents, since tragedies that happens at the local level affect other regulations around the world. Rivera finished by asking for the involvement of the Community and Governments of different countries “without their collaboration and involvement we are very limited since we cannot verify premises that do not comply. We can promote investment in safety, quality and excellence, but we cannot act without the help of the Community and Government.”