3.779 killed in nightclub fires over the last 75 years

Bucharest's nightclub tragedy raises the number of mortal victims due to fires in nightclubs up to 3.779 over the last 75 years, 50% of them over the last 15. All of them were avoidable if international security and safety standards were implemented.

Since 1940, 33 fires have occurred in nightclubs around the world, registering a total of 3.779 mortal victims. The latest one happened only three days ago in Bucharest (Romania) with a provisional toll of 30 deaths when, we already had in mind the one happened two years ago in Brazil (Kiss Nightclub in Santa Maria), where 231 people were killed. The more severe tragedy was in 1942 at the Cocoanut Grove Nightclub in Boston (USA), with 491 fatalities. This is the result of the data gathered by the International Nightlife Association.

These are fires with mortal victims in nightclubs and party halls that could have been avoided if our Nightlife Safe international security and safety standards were implemented.

  • 23/04/1940:  198 killed in party hall Natchez, Mississippi (USA). 
  • 28/11/1942: 491 killed in "Cocoanut Grove" nightclub, Boston (USA). 
  • 01/12/1970: 146 killed in "Cinq sept" club Saint Laurent de Pont (France). 
  • 13/05/1972: 116 killed in  nightclub, Osaka (Japan). 
  • 03/08/1973:   53 killed in Douglas Club, Isla de Man (United Kingdom).
  • 03/11/1974: 154 killed in party hall, Seul (South Korea). 
  • 28/05/1977: 164 killed in "Beverly Hills" Cabaret, Southgate, Kentucky (USA). 
  • 10/10/1978:   25 killed in Caracas nightclub  (Venezuela).
  • 22/11/1980:   84 killed in Casino Gran Hotel MGM,Las Vegas (EUA).
  • 14/02/1981:   49 killed in “El Stardust” nightclub, Dublin (North Ireland).
  • 17/12/1983:   82 killed in “Alcalà 20” nightclub, Madrid (Spain).
  • 14/01/1990:   43 killed in “Flying” nightclub, Zaragoza (Spain).
  • 23/03/1990:   87 killed in “Happy Land” nightclub, Bronx (EUA).
  • 27/11/1994: 234 killed in nightclub, Fuxin (China). 
  • 17/02/1995:   67 killed in Taichung karaoke(Taiwan).
  • 18/03/1996: 152 killed in "Ozone" nightclub, Manila (Philippines). 
  • 30/1071998:   63 killed in "Macedonia Association", Gothenburg (Sweden)
  • 20/10/2000:   20 killed in "Lobohombo" nightclub, Mexico DF (Mexico)
  • 27/12/2000:  320 killed in Luoyang nightclub (China). 
  • 20/07/2002:   29 killed in "Utopia" nightclub, Lima (Peru).
  • 12/10/2002: 202 killed in Bali nightclub  (Indonesia). 
  • 30/10/2002: 100 killed in Ho Chi Minh party hall (Vietnam). 
  • 01/12/2002:   47 killed in "La Guarija" nightclub, Caracas (Venezuela).
  • 20/02/2003: 100 killed in "Station" club, West Warwick, Rhode Island (USA).
  • 09/07/2003:    3 killed in Punta Arenas nightclub (Chile).
  • 30/12/2004: 193 killed in "República Cromañón" nightclub Buenos Aires (Argentina). 
  • 27/11/2006:   9 killed in “Yersey” nightclub, Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic).
  • 19/04/2008:   19 killed in “Factory” nightclub, Quito (Ecuador).
  • 02/01/2009:   60 killed in Bangkok nightclub (Thailand).
  • 04/12/2009:   156 killed "El cavall coix“ nightclub, Perm (Russia). 
  • 25/08/2011:    52 killed in Casino Royal, Monterrey (México).
  • 27/01/2013:  231 killed in "Kiss" club, Santa Maria (Brazil).
  • 30/10/2015:  30 killed in "Colective" club, Bucharest (Romania).

The tragedy at Colective in Bucharest and so all others, were perfectly avoidable, and this is our conclusion. As we have been emphasizing these last two years (since the fire at Kiss nightclub in Brazil that killed 232 people in 2013) fireworks in the interior of nightclubs should be strickly prohibited. As a matter of fact, the security seal "Secure Nightlife Venue" that we presented just one month ago during the 2ond International Nightlife Congress in Ibiza, among other security requirements, prohibits the use of fireworks in the interior of a nightclub. On the other hand, all the materials like ceiling, decoration and other elements have to be fire-resistant, otherwise they become lethal when they get in contact with fire and most of the attendants die due to asphyxia as it tragically occurred in Brazil two years ago (Kiss nightclub with 232 dead) and in Argentina 11 years ago (Cromagnon nightclub with 190 dead).

Due to tragedies like the one that just occurred in Bucharest, the whole worldwide nightlife industry's image gets deeply and unfairly damaged. People may think that nightclubs are not safe, which is not true, so we strongly insist on the necessity that all nightclubs worldwide, with their respective governments help, implement the International Nightlife Security Seal in order to guarantee party goers safety. This seal would act as an international security license or certification. Each country or city has different security rules and it's impossible for a traveller or a tourist to know in advance if the venue meets or exceeds international security standards. Thanks to our Security seal it will be possible for all tourists and party goers to know in advance if the venue is considered safe or not. As an example, we can mention that some of the requirements checked to gain access to the certificate are the following: clearly lighted emergency exits, flame retardant and fire-resistant structure, construction, decorative elements and furnishings, smoke detectors, trained security personnel, fire extinguishers checked regularly and otherinstruments to ensure the safety of attendants.