More security measures venues required

From October 31st to November 13th, nearly 150 people have died inside and outside nightlife venues in Paris and Bucharest. In the Bucharest case, the venue didn’t meet the minimumsecurity measures such as emergency exits, non-flammable insulation materials, and did not respect the prohibition of using fireworks inside the venue. In Paris, despite the venue meeting all of their security measures in operation, they were not enough to stop an act of terrorism like the one that took place inside the venue.

The International Nightlife Association introduced the “Secure Nightlife Venue” seal in order to improve patron´s safety inside venues; by inspecting if the venue meets security measures and our requirements for certification, including:

  • Clearly lighted emergency exits,
  • Flame retardant and fire-resistant structure, construction, decorative elements and furnishings,
  • Smoke detectors and sprinklers,
  • Non-flammable insulation, 
  • Trained security personnel,
  • Fire extinguishers checked regularly and other instruments to ensure patrons safety.

Taking in consideration what happened last Friday in Bataclan, we should consider requiring highly trained security personnel outside the venues too and even discuss if they should be armed. We would demand the biggest venues (over 300/400 people capacity), to have similar security measures in place for both event attendees and performers as these last days some performers and singers have demanded. Venues should follow security protocols that involve more than checking an ID; including bag searches, metal detectors, ID scanners, and clothing pat downs. The training required for the security personnel outside the venues should be extensive (120 hours minimum), so that they could act against armed people and even avoid an attack.

As the president of the European Nightlife Association and 2ond vicepresident of the International Nightlife Association Mr. Maurizio Pasca has stated, “Security is our priority so, our purpose is to increase attendee’s sense of security and safety by improving active and passive safety measures in our venues. Our venues are not less secure than 15 days ago but we have to work hard on prevention and for that we need authorities support”.

The European Nightlife Association and the International Nightlife Association are preparing a worldwide action plan to offer different governments, in order to improve attendee’s safety inside and outside venues. They have received advice from experts like former NYPD Detective-Sergeant Mr. Jerry Kane, and former FDNY Battalion chief Robert Keys. Both recently spoke about security and nightlife at the International Nightlife Congress in Ibiza. Mr. Robert Keys talked about security measures in order to avoid catastrophic fires in nightlife venues, while Mr. Jerry Kane talked about security measures inside and outside venues to protect attendee’s lives.