Barcelona requires more security measures outside venues

Mr. Salva Vilanova, President of Barcelona’s association of Bars, Restaurants and Nightclubs‎ and manager of the biggest concert venue in Barcelona (Sala Apolo) has demanded more security measures outside clubs. He has required high trained security personnel outside venues with the possibility that they can search bags, pat down outside clothing, and use metal detectors. The president has highlighted that they are worried about their attendee’s and performer’s safety and they are committed to improving the security measures outside venues in order to be ready in case of a critical situation.

The International Nightlife Association has already responded by giving all its support to his requirements. As a matter of fact, the Spain Nightlife Association is already working with the International Nightlife Association and the Spanish security company Bull Control on a project that will be presented within the following days to the Spanish Minister of Interior Mr. Fernandez Diaz. One of the most relevant requirements is to create a special ‎security training to act in critical situations like disarming armed people during fights and /or attacks. We will expand this program all over the world to be specially prepared to deal with critical situations inside and outside of venues.

Mr. Salva Vilanova stated: “Since last Friday, there’s some kind of psychosis among people who attend concerts and we want the public to know that we will do everything necessary to protect their safety, but for that we need the government’s support to be able to work with the police to protect us against terrorism". As the General Secretary of the International Nightlife Association, Mr. Joaquim Boadas stated yesterday "Former Detective Sergeant of the NYPD Gerard Kane, and the Spanish security company Bull Control, are working on a new security proposal for protecting the outside of our clubs in order that our attendees and performers feel safe. We expect the support of the European Union’s leaders responsible for security and so that we have asked to have a meeting with them through the European Nightlife Association". 

This trained security personnel would be compulsory for all those who want to gain access to the "Secure Nightlife Venue seal", distinctive promoted by the International Nightlife Association worldwide in order to improve patrons’ and  performers safety inside venues.