INAQ a seal that distinguishes the best sound quality

INA / AUDIOTEC have signed an agreement to develop and implement internationally the first Acoustic Quality Certificate through which the musical activities, restaurants, hotels and leisure clubs will be able to justify their level of soundproofing and sound quality. This will provide a new value in the classification of the establishments implementing a best practices plan on coexistence and functionality in front of administrations, their neighbours and especially their customers.

The main goal is to create an innovative framework for research and development projects and resources to improve, prevent and correct situations of conflict due to noise pollution.
"This agreement will allow us to increase the quality of our establishments, where we have always aimed to provide the best leisure service and hospitality taking even more care in an optimal way of our commitment to our environment", says Joaquim Boadas, General Secretary of INA.
According to Ana Espinel, CEO of Audiotec Group, "for our company it represents a key step in the implementation of such international services as the INA is the world leader in international hospitality and nightlife. We believe this initiative is a first step towards signing new agreements between the acoustic and the hospitality industry". The distinctive INAQ will be presented in the International Nightlife Awards 2016 in Las Vegas.
Audiotec Group's commitment to develop this type of advisory services on acoustics to its international partners is definitely an innovative fact, with a large database of information on nightlife activities’ noise’s legislation, requirements and standardization. It simplifies understanding and responding to a client looking for environmentally conscious quality tourism.

The technology developed by Audiotec on the appropriateness of insulation treatments and acoustic fittings in Night Clubs has launched this Qualification Project in activities on acoustics according to quality standards requirements and improvement.


About Audiotec Group

Audiotec is the leader in acoustic engineering in Spain for over 25 years. Reference at national and international level in the realization of noise maps, acoustic studies, product characterization accredited laboratories, acoustic reports, soundproofing for commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities acoustical treatments, patents acoustic designer hotel equipment, control platforms telematics for entrepreneurs and hoteliers managers, comprehensive and customized solutions for all kinds of conflict over noise pollution and vibration. Being a leader in acoustics, involves a constant evolution making an investment in R + D + i steadily, by anticipating the demands of your customers and society.


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