A make-believe heroine character will protect young people

The International Nightlife Association, in collaboration with the European Nightlife Association, Fecasarm, Spain Nightlife, FEHR and the Business Association of the Tourist area in Salou, presented last week their International campaign for prevention of unsociable behavior when out partying. The innovative campaign without precedent in this format (a comic book) has been launched with the objective of preventing unsociable behavior amongst the young people when they go out at night.

This civic campaign, sponsored by AUDIOTEC and GIBACARS is called “Maximum Fun, Minimum Disturbance!” and is being run for the first time in this format in the tourist area of Salou, the capital of the Costa Daurada to coincide with the start of the new tourist season and the arrival of the international event known as SalouFest. The organizers of this International campaign wanted to present the campaign now to coincide with SalouFest to serve as a tester for an international event that has been severely criticised in recent years and accused of being problematic when that is not true. 

In a format without precedent, a comic, the campaign showcases the following problematic themes such as the responsible consumption of alcohol, “Balconing”, drugs, drinking and driving, fighting and loud noise. It is hoped that the comic will make young people aware of the dangers and negative consequences should they conduct themselves in a certain way when celebrating, within the comic this is all presented in a lighthearted and easily understandable way.

During his presentation of the campaign at the press conference, the general secretary of the International Nightlife Association, Joaquim Boadas, commented that “when someone behaves in an unsociable manner, you can’t say that the whole entertainment sector, nor the whole of SalouFest is a problem” he also added “the person who behaves unsociably is the only person who should be punished. Without doubt beforehand there must be a strong effort to run social awareness campaigns such as the one we are presenting here today to avoid serious conflict".

Barbara Delmastro Meoni, star and heroine of the comic under the alias “Lady Tabata”, presented the figure of this International heroine and declared that “we want this comic to arrive at schools and begin to work with children from 10 years of age so that they start to become aware of how they should act in certain situations that real life will present to them in the not too distant future. With this learned correctly they will know perfectly well how to act and understand the consequences of their actions".

Elaine McParland, president of the Business Association of the Tourist area of Salou gave total support to the campaign “Maximum Fun, Minimum Disturbance!” promoted by International Nightlife Association and confirmed the positivity of informative and preventative campaigns such as the one presented during the press conference. The president also emphasized the Associations’ support for SalouFest and expressed her disagreement with the unfair bad press that the event has received in recent years, concluding ”SalouFest is very important for various economic sectors associated with tourism in Salou as it lengthens the season and allows the creation of jobs that wouldn’t be available without the event. All members of the association were in support of holding SalouFest and hoped that it would continue to run for many more years".

We hope that this International campaign in it’s new format will be exported to any different countries worldwide.