Presentation of the European Nightlife Association

Today the recently constituted “European Nightlife Association” has been presented in Florence. As you know, for the very first time in Europe, the European nightlife sector joined together under the “only for nightlife entrepreneurs” business organization. Indeed, the trade unions “UMIH” (France), “SILB FIPE” (Italy) and “Spain Nightlife” (Spain) constituted the “European Nightlife Association”, headquartered in Paris, with Maurizio Pasca of Italian nationality and president of “SILB FIPE”, as first president. Laurent Lutse, president of the branch Cafés, Brasserie, Monde de la nuit in “UMIH”, and Carlos Caballero, president of “Spain Nightlife”, they all have been appointed as vice-presidents of this new association

The main goal of this non-profit organization is to represent and promote the nightlife professionals across Europe and defend their interests in the policy creation and the decision-making processes before the European institutions, by setting forth the position of the nightlife sector. Then, the European Nightlife Association intends to influence at European level on areas affecting directly or indirectly the nightlife sector, such as licensing, alcohol, minors, security, taxes and noise. 

In the words of the President of the European nightlife association, Maurizio Pasca, during the presentation of the association this morning “what unites this entrepreneurship it is the offer and the problems associated with it.  Similarly, Italy, France and Spain have problems related to the nightlife activities. It is a needed organization to act beyond national borders and European interests and protect the health and the safety of the citizens. It is not coincidence that Hotrec, Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Similar Establishments in the European Union, has recently created a working group to coordinate the nightlife sector.” 

For his part, Joaquim Boadas, Deputy Chairman of “Spain Nightlife”, has confirmed also during the presentation of the association “there is always talk about how the nightlife sector causes conflict. However, there is never any talk about, for example, the work places or the contribution to the country’s GNP. The nightlife sector is producing in Europe twice of the wealth that is currently producing the agriculture sector and provides for over 3 million workplaces with direct and indirect jobs. The nightlife sector in Europe moves more than 90 million people every weekend. These results are conclusive that the new European Association will make its voice heard in all the European Union institutions and it will demonstrate that the nightlife sector is more important than the governments can imagine.”

The new Association includes members from Italy, France and Spain. The new Association has been presented this morning in Florence, with the presence of representatives of the founding members who have talked and explained about the objectives of this association to invite members of the nightlife sector from every European country to join them.