The World's Best Club between Ibiza and Las Vegas

Ibiza becomes the cradle of international leisure by hosting the 2nd International Nightlife Congress and the 1st International Nightlife Awards in October 2015.

This 2nd International Nightlife Congress and the 1st International Nightlife Awards will assemble the managers of the best nightclubs in Europe, America and Asia. Together with the leaders of countries such as America, Spain, Italy and Mexico, whom will present their industry action protocols with the aim to convert the event into a forum to share experiences" said Abel Matutes, president of the Nightlife Association, during the press conference at the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza.

Attendees of the press conference included José Luis Benítez, president of the Spain Nightlife Association and the Ocio de Ibiza Association; the General Secretary of the organization, Joaquim Boadas de Quintana; the Ibiza Island Council's Minister of Tourism, Carmen Ferrer; and the Ibiza Island Council's Minister of Industry and New Technologies, Vicente Roig.

As Abel Matutes said, “our intention is to celebrate an international nightlife gala, on odd years the host city would be Ibiza and Las Vegas during the even years. Our clear purpose is to recognize professionals in the tourism and the nightlife industry, especially to share action protocols and experiences to offer a safe customer experience. We are looking for increase the prestige and improve the image of this industry around the world”. The Congress will bring speakers from around the world to become a global reference point for responsible leisure and tourism.

The International Nightlife Awards will be held after the International Nightlife Congress meeting. The International Nightlife Awards will announce the World’s Best Club, the 100 World’s Best Clubs, and recognize the leaders who have positively contributed to the nightlife industry.

As José Luis Benítez stated “the Awards are seeking to reward various categories to recognize not just the employers work, but also the governments and authorities that help our industry and employers by promoting joint actions that benefit communities”.

As the General Secretary, Joaquim Boadas, said, the 2nd International Nightlife Congress will deal with subjects as noise pollution, alcohol and security. He stated that “some of the speakers who are going to make the presentations are representatives of international producers and distributors of beverages, leaders of leisure establishments associations, governmental and state representatives, as well as representatives of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)”.

The Minister for Tourism of Ibiza Island Council, Carmen Ferrer,  emphasized during the press conference that “this congress will be held in October, not in summer, which will have a positive impact on the island because it will extend the season and will bring up a number of issues that seek to improve one of the most important industries in Ibiza and around the world”.