The 2nd International Nightlife Congress will welcome the key players of the international nightlife industry

Fifteen top notch speakers from the nightlife industry will lead the conferences of the 2nd International Nightlife Congress that will take place on October 7th and 8th at the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza. More than 500 people from different countries will be attending the event that will raise a dialogue on how to enhance the industry as well as sharing their vision and experiences.

The first part of the congress will revolve around noise pollution. The founder of the New York City Hospitality Alliance and ex-president of the New York Nightlife Association, Paul Seres, the president of the National Association of the Bar, Club and Show Industry of Mexico (ANIDICE) and 3rd vice-president of the International Nightlife Association of Latin America, Ismael Rivera, along with the general director of the Audiotec Group, Ana Espinel and the sound director of CESVA, Marçal Serra, will be taking part.

The second block concentrated in the first day of talks will point at a controversial topic: alcohol. The general director of Spirits EUROPE, Paul Skehan, the general director of the Spanish Institute for Quality Tourism, Fernando Fraile, the president of the Responsible Institute of North America, Jim Peters, and the CEO of HOTREC, Christian de Barri, will lead the presentations and debates.

The third round of speeches on October 7th will cover a topic as critical as security, where proposals of security improvement in establishments will be debated. The security distinctive awarded under the “Secure Nightlife Venue” seal will be presented, which will distinguish the most secure venues.  In this epigraph, the head of the Affiliated Member program of the World Tourism Organization (UNTWO) Yolanda Perdomo, the COO of the ICDQ Group, Miquel Picas, the Chief of the New York Fire Department, Robert Keys and the Detective Sargent of the New York Police Department, Jerry Kane will take part of the talks.

The last block of talks will take place in the morning of October 8th and will deal with the taxing system that affects the industry on an international level. This topic will be presented by the Deputy Assistant Director of VAT at the Spanish Finance Ministry, Ricardo Álvarez, the primary associate of the tax department of Garrigues, Santiago Janer, the Senior Partner of the tax department of Garrigues Brussels, Salvador Pastoriza, the president of the Italian Nightlife Association and the European Nightlife Association, Maurizio Pasca, and the president of the American Association of Nightlife and first vice-president of the International Nightlife Association, Juan Carlos Diaz.

First Golden Moon Awards

It will be the first time that the nightlife industry celebrates an international award ceremony. The gala will be presenting the hundred best clubs in the world, chosen by professional voting and will reveal, among them, 2015’s “Best Club in the World”. The “Golden Moons” will also award categories such as “Best Nightlife Business Development”, “Best Nightlife Company”, “Best Government Supporting Nightlife”, “Best Campaign for Nightlife Awareness” and “Best Security Action”. During the ceremony, there will also be special mentions in subcategories for the clubs with best VIP sections, best sound systems, best customer service, best medical attention, best marketing strategy, best franchise, the most historical club and, finally, the most original club.