INA pays tribute to the victims of the fire at Colective

Nightclubs' owners wordlwide organization pay tribute to the victims of the fire at Colectiv in Bucharest

Joaquim Boadas, General Secretary of the International Nightlife Association, has visited this afternoon the site of the tragedy occurred 10 days ago in Bucharest and has paid tribute to the victims of the fire. 

Boadas, who has expressed these last days his concern for  the existing  lack of measures in some Romanian nightclubs, has insisted today on the fact that de fire was totally avoidable and has invited once again Romanian authorities to implement in Romanian nightclubs the International Nightlife Safety Seal, distinctive that the nightclub entrepreneurs association has been developing since two years ago when another accident occurred in a nightclub in Brazil with the result of 232 killed. As a matter of fact, the venues that gain access to this distinctive can guarantee to their patrons that they are safe entertainment places so that authorities, entrepreneurs, patrons and their relatives can feel relaxed in the knowing that a tragedy can not happen. ‎Thanks to this distinctive, anyone that travels from one country to another can know in advance if the venue is a safe place, working in a manner of saying, as an international license, which so far doesn’t exist.  

So, we think that if it’s accepted by the Romanian government to expand the distinctive all over the country it will be a definitive solution in order to avoid future accidents in Romanian nightclubs. In the same way, we  are are going to propose the same formula to the rest of all other European countries through the European Commission and with the different European governments support.