E11EVEN, in partnership with Horizen Labs, debuts their E11EVEN crypto division with the 11 Captain's Club NFTS

E11EVEN, in partnership with Horizen Labs, today announced the launch of E11EVEN Crypto, a new division of the rapidly growing E11EVEN empire. Together with Horizen Labs, a leading Web3 tools and blockchain development company, E11EVEN will create various NFT collections starting with the 11 Captain's Club on the Ethereum blockchain. The 11 Captain's Club will be an exclusive series of 10,011 NFTs, featuring E11EVEN's coveted hats.

"NFTs are revolutionizing the way art, access, and membership are distributed and monetized. As one of the world's top entertainment venues that places itself at the heart of popular culture, E11EVEN is committed to bringing the most innovative physical and digital experiences to our guests," said Michael Simkins, CEO of E11EVEN Crypto. "We believe the Horizen Labs team has the perfect mix of technical expertise and industry knowledge to help us bring the blockchain and crypto revolution to our in real life nightlife venues."

The E11EVEN name is already well known in the crypto world. In April 2021, E11EVEN Miami became the first major nightclub in the United States to accept cryptocurrency and has since processed over $5 Million in (crypto) transactions. In June 2021, E11EVEN Hotel & Residences became the first condo project in the US to accept cryptocurrency as payment for pre-construction sales. In December 2021, E11EVEN got into the NFT space when they purchased Bored Ape #11.

When E11EVEN set out to launch a crypto division, the team sought a partner in the space to bring their vision and goals to life. They selected Horizen Labs to help make their vision a reality. Horizen Labs is in partnership with many key players in the NFT and Web3 worlds, including the Bored Ape Yacht Club. E11EVEN Crypto and Horizen Labs will work synergistically to launch the 11 Captain's Club NFT series. After the initial NFT release, Horizen Labs will continue consulting with E11EVEN Crypto to identify and integrate new functionality into 11 Captain's Club NFTs and assist in building the roadmap.

"We are excited to collaborate with the E11EVEN team on their vision to explore a Web3-based promotional campaign using NFTs as a way to digitally authenticate exclusive offerings, which are an essential component to the nightclub experience," said Rob Viglione, CEO of Horizen Labs and Co-founder of Horizen. "The Horizen Labs team is always eager to bring our expertise to work on projects that appeal to mainstream consumers and help integrate blockchain innovations to different use cases. We see E11EVEN as a great partner in achieving this objective."

Since opening the doors in early 2014, E11EVEN MIAMI has catapulted the South Florida nightlife scene to incredible new heights. In 2019, the landmark destination established itself as the highest-grossing nightclub per square foot globally, further establishing its presence as one of the most sought-after clubs in the world.

Led by Dennis DeGori, Michael Simkins, and Marc Roberts, E11EVEN Partners have grown the E11EVEN brand into a top hospitality, lifestyle, and entertainment company with a portfolio that currently includes E11EVEN MIAMIE11EVEN HOTEL & RESIDENCESE11EVEN Life (an apparel & hat line), E11EVEN SOUND by DAS Audio, and E11EVEN CRYPTO. E11EVEN has also licensed its intellectual property for E11EVEN VODKA. Font: E11EVEN MIAMI