Ibiza is a World Heritage Site

Ibiza is a World Heritage Site
Ibiza has been fortunate to have, since 1999, four enclaves recognized as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO under the name Eivissa, Biodiversity and Culture. A legacy of extraordinary value that well deserves to be enjoyed during the holidays.
The Acropolis of Ibiza (Dalt Vila), the Phoenician site of Sa Caleta, the Phoenician-Punic necropolis of Puig des Molins and the meadows of oceanic posidonia under the sea. These four enclaves can be discovered through a single route or included as stops for other tours of the island, combining for example with a swim on the beach, a seafood meal by the sea or a visit to a museum.
The Acropolis of Ibiza or Dalt Vila - the village above - preserves in its canvases and in the urban fabric traces of the passage through the island of the Phoenicians, the Arabs and the Catalans. The portal of Ses Taules, the bastion of Santa Llúcia, the promenade or the stately mansions of the main street are some of the stops to include in a route by Dalt Vila, a scene of great beauty that welcomes throughout the year theatrical visits, concerts, exhibitions, period markets and other interesting cultural activities.
The archaeological sites of the settlement of Sa Caleta and the necropolis of Es Puig des Molins, with more than 3,000 hypogea, were recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for being a unique and extraordinary source of information about social life and urbanization. of the Phoenician colonies settled in the Western Mediterranean. Two stops of great interest that no traveler passionate about history and archeology can ignore and that are easy to add to a route through the city or the south of the island.
The UNESCO committee also highlighted the high ecological value of the immense oceanic Posidonia prairie that stretches between Ibiza and Formentera for being the best preserved in the Mediterranean and an excellent example of the beneficial influence that this marine plant has on ecosystems and preservation. from the beaches. The meadow located within the Natural Park of the Salinas of Ibiza and Formentera gives shelter to numerous vegetal and animal species that find in her food, protection and a safe space for the young of fry. This natural gem is also responsible for the purity, cleanliness and transparency of the water of the coves and beaches of Ibiza, such as Ses Salines and Es Cavallet, both located within the Natural Park.