Uruguayan nightlife joins the International Nightlife Association

The International Nightlife Association has presence in 19 countries already


 Nightlife venues in Uruguay will implement international safety and quality seals


It's a pleasure for us to announce the entry of the Uruguayan Nightlife Association (Asociación Civil de Discotecas y Espectáculos Musicals del Uruguay)  into the International Nightlife Association. With this new entry, the International Nightlife Association has presence in 19 countries already, with members in Italy, Spain, India, U.S.A, Colombia, Ecuador, Israel, ChinaSingapore, PhilippinesCroatiaSwedenBelgiumGermanyPoland, Mexico, Dominican Republic, United Arab Emirates and now also in Uruguay.


The International Nightlife Association is a member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and is the only worldwide nightlife association with the main goal of uniting the nightlife industry. All this while excelling and giving prestige to the industry by launching quality seals like the Triple Excellence in Nightlife, GastroMoon, or the Sanitized Venue seal we have recently launched in order to distinguish those clubs that have invested in protective measures to fight against COVID 19. The International Nightlife Association also annually launches the list of "The World's 100 Best Clubs" and defends only on-licensed clubs that comply with laws and regulations. 


Uruguayan Nightlife Association

The Uruguayan Nightlife Association was established this year with the main goal of putting the nightlife industry's ideas in common and joining forces in other to fight for their rights and make their voices heard. Among their members are the leading venues of Montevideo and Punta del Este. Montevideo with the mega-development Plaza Mateo, the legendary Lotus, and the main and most prominent stores of the capital. In Punta del Este are the two largest event producers that hold their mega parties during the summer season, in addition to the Sofia nightclub


The President of the Uruguayan Nightlife Association; Ricardo Barbé has stated, “At this moment the industry has been paralyzed since March 13. The government of Mr. Luis Lacalle Pou has been doing an excellent job in managing the pandemic, and as of July 14, we only have a little over 50 cases. Our hopes lie in achieving 28 days without any cases nationwide to be able to open normally and at full capacity. As a society, we must achieve a COVID free country to be able to resume the festivities in a responsible way"


When it comes to the Secretary, Andres Mañosa, he has mentioned that "We understand that once we get to case 0, we should prioritize outdoor activities and we must distance ourselves to rejoin. Among our main concerns are the fight against illegal parties and although it is the largest entertainment crisis we have ever experienced, Uruguay's strong social security system makes this path of uncertainty more bearable and we trust that the time to celebrate will come soon. 


On the other hand, Camilo Ospina Guzmán, Vice President of the International Nightlife Association for LATAM and President of the Colombian Nightlife Association (Asobares) has stated: "We are proud to have the Uruguayan Nightlife Association among us, since the bigger we are and the more countries we have a presence in LATAM and in the rest of the world, the stronger our industry will be. Taking into account the difficult times our sector is living it will be necessary to stay more united and stronger than ever before so it's my honor to welcome you aboard ". 



Nightclubs in Uruguay will implement international safety and quality seals

With the goal of excelling nightlife in Uruguay, the International Nightlife Association will offer to all of the member clubs of the Uruguayan association to implement the most important existing nightlife distinction, the Triple Excellence in Nightlife and also the last distinction developed by the International Nightlife Association in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the Sanitized Venue seal.


According to Ricardo Barbé, president of the Uruguayan Nightlife Association, "this alliance will allow for us to take a step forward in quality, excellence, and safety in nightlife, three factors that will transmit more trust to future visitors since for us, nightlife is on the main tourist attractions in our country.   

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