Colombia joins Spain and Italy in the pursuit of the international sanitary seal for nightlife venues that aims to regain consumer confidence when venues reopen

The seal, promoted by the International Nightlife Association is already being implemented in some nightclubs in Spain


The seal's protocol includes taking clients' temperature, complete a thorough chemical fogging, raise awareness about safe practices among clients, and staff training

For several weeks now, the nightlife sector has been working backstage, taking advantage of this period of inactivity to be as prepared as possible for when the health authorities worldwide allow for reopening. For the time being, although in most countries there is no specific date for reopening, the sector has been taking advantage of this time in different countries to develop an international seal that will allow for customers, when venues reopen, to identify those clubs that offer greater sanitary protection.   
The International Nightlife Association, has been the first international organization that has developed and launched a private seal in sanitary terms by launching in early April a sanitary distinction specifically for the nightlife sector. This seal was later presented before the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), being INA a member of the same, seeking its international support and requesting the endorsement of the UNWTO member states.
Shortly afterward, on April 17th, the Italian Nightlife Association (Associazione Italiana di Intrattenimento da ballo e di spettacolo -SILB Fipe) announced its adhesion to the "Sanitized Venue" seal, currently the only sanitary seal in the world specifically for nightlife venues.
As Maurizio Pasca, President of the Italian Nightlife Association SILB-FIPE and President of the European Nightlife Association, said at the time, "I am excited about the worldwide launch of this private sector distinction and I am confident that it will be very useful when the premises can reopen as it will speed up the gradual recovery of our customers' confidence". And now, when Italy is preparing for the gradual reopening of activities, the Italian and European leaders themselves have said that "At this moment it is even more important that we position ourselves and prepare ourselves as a sector for when it is our turn to reopen, hoping that it will be soon since our business owners will not be able to hold on much longer while closed. In this aspect, we believe that it is key that the local administrations see that nightlife entrepreneurs bet on a firm and clear protection of the health of their clients and workers ".
Colombia's nightclubs also adhere to the international sanitary seal
Colombia, through our Member Association, Asobares Colombia, has also recently adhered to the international sanitary seal "Sanitized Venue". Additionally, Asobares Colombia has also recently presented a Gradual Reopening Plan (GRP) before the Colombian Government which, among many other measures, includes the implementation of the international sanitary seal for nightlife venues. In the words of Camilo Ospina Guzmán, President of Asobares Colombia"We have already presented the protocol to Colombia's Ministry of Commerce and Tourism, the proposal integrates ideas designed by entrepreneurs and Member Associations of the International Nightlife Association demonstrating that we have taken a step further. Also, we have developed the GRADUAL REOPENING PLAN (GRP) that contains guidelines for cities, nightlife areas, and for shops and businesses, specifically proposing a tiered opening by phases, categories and times of reintegration, everything adjusted to the protocols in biosecurity established by Colombia's Ministry of Health and following instructions issued by the World Health Organization (WHO)".
Some Spanish nightclubs are already in the process of implementing the seal
Spain, as mentioned above, was the first country in the world to endorse the international sanitary seal for nightlife venues, and, at the moment, there are already two venues implementing it. Specifically, on the one hand, we have DiscoTropics in Lloret de Mar (Girona) and, on the other, Marina Beach Club Valencia, one of the most forward-thinking and state-of-the-art venues in Spain. These two will, therefore, be the first two venues in the world to obtain this international sanitary seal, without prejudice to the fact that there are other clubs in SpainItalyCroatia, and Romania that have already applied for its implementation.
In the words of Joaquim Boadas de Quintana, Secretary-General of the International Nightlife Association "the main strength of this reputational seal is that it is international, which will make many tourists and clients of nightlife venues around the world look for it as a reference of quality and protection of client's health. This will not only be visible at the door of the venue but also online since the venues that obtain this seal will be listed on the website of the International Nightlife Association so that customers can pre-select which venues transmit the most trust and, based on that, even decide their final holiday destination".
What are the objectives of this international seal?
The international sanitary seal "Sanitized Venue" is aimed to reflect the following objectives: 
  • Sanitary security: Provide the necessary protocols and items to assure the sanitary security for staff and clients.
  • Adaptation: Adapt and improve businesses under the new post-pandemic paradigms that we will experience.
  • Requirements: Prove that the venue meets minimum international sanitary requirements approved by the International Nightlife Association.
  • Guarantee: Guarantee that the establishment is safe in sanitary and hygienic terms.
  • Prevention: Helps to prevent the spread of viruses to staff and clients and protects the venue’s prestige
  • Detection: Helps to detect possible breach causes that allow you to adopt the proper sanitary, prevention and corrective measures.
  • Ethics: Shows the ethics and compromise of the sector, guaranteeing safety and health requirements and their implementation and also the promotion of good practices amongst users.
  • Confidence: Restore trust among nightlife making them gain consumer confidence by eliminating any fears, since they will be in a clean and disinfected space with multiple measures to protect their health and that of the workers.
As Jose Luis Benítez, President of the International Nightlife Association and of Spain Nightlife and also representative of Ibiza's Nightlife Association, mentioned in his last statement, "The release of this certification is a firm demonstration of nightlife's complete involvement and compromise to protect the health and safety of our workers and clients and a vow for the global nightlife community coming together as one in order to overcome this sanity and economic crisis as soon as possible".  
The signing of an agreement with an accredited international company in sanitation and disinfection of spaces
To make this certification as accurate and efficient as possible with the best expertise in cleaning and disinfection, the International Nightlife Association with AFL Group has signed an agreement with the accredited international company Elis Pest Control ( This multinational company, with a presence in 27 countries around the world and duly authorized by the health authorities, is responsible for carrying out all disinfection and cleaning control work in nightlife venues that are subject to the seal and, specifically, the following actions:
1- Hand antisepsis action
2- Bactericidal action
3- Fungicide action
4- Action against mycrobacteria
5- Anti-yeast action
6- Viricidal action
Once the proper disinfection is done, and once it has been confirmed that the facilities have the informative posters in place and the staff has been trained, the company Elis Pest delivers a certification stating that the facilities have been subjected to the disinfection process. This certification is added to the distinction issued later by the International Nightlife Association