Nightlife remains alive by finding alternatives during the Coronavirus Crisis. Losses up to reach 360 billion-dollar.

Due to the recent events related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) the International Nightlife Association, member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), has assessed that almost all countries around the world have been obligated to shut down or restrict nightlife activity. 
Cities around the world have imposed capacity limits or forced to shut down nightlife venues all together obligating venues to find alternatives to canceling events such as switching to livestreaming, selling merchandise, and holding contests. 
Not to mention, electronic music festivals planned for the upcoming months have been postponed or canceled, among these festivals include Miami's Ultra Music Festival and Miami Music Week, France's Tomorrowland Winter, California's Coachella, Spain's Primavera Sound and International Music Summit (IMS), and Japan's Rainbow Disco Club.
Consequently, and due to the restrictions in all the countries, we have estimated that the nightlife industry losses will reach 360 billion dollars by the end of April. 
Tips and Recommendations for nightlife venues and entrepreneurs 
  1. Promote your facilities on social media.
  2. Share videos and photos of past events and bring back memories on social media.
  3. Revisit your venue's history on social media with touching facts. 
  4. Create creative content for future social media posts. 
  5. Promote your venue on social media by doing a raffle or contest to make clubbers promote your brand, even sell discounted VIP passes.
  6. Promote merchandising. 
  7. Promote special cocktails, food, rooms, or unique things you do in your venue to standout. 
  8. Chefs can show their recipes on social media, and bartenders can create cocktails via live streaming or social media posts. Encourage your clients to interact with these videos, allowing them to post them elaborating recipes and tagging the venue.
  9. Engage with influencers. 
  10. Prepare events long term (1 year time).
  11. Improve your facilities.
  12. Set up a crowdfunding campaign.
  13. Implement quality certifications to gain prestige. 
  14. Prepare protocols to reopen with possible safety restrictions and new hygiene protocols. 
  15. Share your new safety protocols on social media, this way clubbers will feel more comfortable visiting your venues when this is over. 
  16. If your venue pays rent, try to negotiate the price with your landlord as well as consider looking into your insurance policy for rent abatement.  
  17. Look into the possibility of filing an insurance claim. 
  18. Get financial support or ask for a loan at an early stage to be sure you have enough resources to keep your business working.
  19. Try and treat the situation with your employees as best as possible, negotiate working terms, payoffs, keep their safety as a top priority. In the end, the employees are what make the business work.
  20. Take advantage to learn and grow to come out better when everything is back to normal. Take online courses, get certified or even take a masterclass.
  21. Focus on what you can improve before reopening.
  22. Try and save as much as possible on spending, insurances, loans, fixed costs. 
  23. Study measures to apply once the venue is open to reduce costs and also improve hygiene and safety to prevent any further incidents and also make customers feel more comfortable.
Nowadays, there are many different platforms that allow for streaming such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. Twitch is being chosen by some artists due to the economic possibilities it offers to streamers. 
Also, Clubcomission Berlin and Reclaim Club Culture have launched the world's "biggest digital club" called United We Streamwhere different venues around Berlin host streams at 7 pm every evening, apart from DJ sets and live performances, there will be discussions, presentations and even movies related to club culture. Viewers are asked for voluntary donations in order to support local artists and venues. 
Also in Europe, Ibiza is promoting a campaign in order to set the summer part season back up until November, using the hashtag #moveyourspring clubbers are encouraged to postpone their holidays instead of canceling them entirely. Ibiza's summer tourism generates about €770 million and accounts for 35% of jobs on the island. Ibiza has also been forced to postpone the International Music Summit which was scheduled to take place in May, for May 2021, though IMS will host a virtual edition of this year's event. 
In the UK, Crowdfunder and Enterprise Nation will provide the tech and tools to enable small businesses to pre-sell their services now on a promise to their customers that they can redeem them later. To support the 5.9 million small businesses across the UK, the campaign called, Pay it Forward, will provide access to free training for small businesses, to help with online sales, cashflow support, and legal support, delivered by Enterprise Nation.


Crowdfunding and Donations 
Some nightclubs and entities related to nightlife have set up crowdfunding pages in order to help the venues stay open and help its staff, some of these being: London's Village UndergroundBerlin Institution Watergate, Berlin's Nightlife Emergency Fund, New York's House of YesGood Room, Elsewhere , San Francisco's Halycon exchange donations for gifts, and "Save our Scene" Campaign
In regards to helping out the local community and coming together to help fight the COVID-19 crisis, Studio 338 in London has created a temporary food bank for the local community and some nightclubs in Spain have offered their venues to create hospital spaces in order to help relieve the current collapse found in hospitals. 
Our Gold Members
Some of our Gold Members are gifting clients with the opportunity to enjoy the best music live, playlist, donations and other initiatives:
Lastly, from the International Nightlife Association we ask all venues to follow safety measures and recommendations from their respective governing authorities. The INA also asks for all clubbers to follow recommendations, stay at home and avoid meeting with large groups of people that way when the moment is right the nightlife community can come together go out and enjoy nightlife in a safe manner. 
The International Nightlife Association will give support to their member associations in order to ask for grants, tax deferral, suspension of mortgage and rent payments, among other aids to their respective governments otherwise the industry will not be able to get passed this health and economic crisis.