While nightlife worldwide grows in quality, its clients become more and more demanding

In Pacha Barcelona the International Nightlife Association and entertainment luxury lifestyle firm AIM Events have announced the agreement they have recently signed. AIM Events, is one of the world’s first companies that combines world class event management with an exclusive lifestyle membership service focused on nightlife. Said agreement came to be due to the fact that nightlife clients are becoming more and more demanding while also looking for comfort and excellence. In turn, the International Nightlife Association has been betting on the quality pursued by nightlife clients through the creation of the Gold Member figure and the implementation of the Triple Excellence in Nightlife, currently the most important nightlife quality distinction existing worldwide.   According to a study conducted by the International Nightlife Association, one out of every three tourists chooses its destination based on the nightlife offer at said destination, for this the International Nightlife Association has taken a step ahead to promote excellence and quality in the industry.  On the other hand, AIM Events, originally an event management company has been offering the best extensive knowledge and skills to tailor to client's needs and has built a considerable reputation and has recently expanded their services. Specifically, AIM Events has launched the AIM All Access and AIM Seasonal memberships, being one of the first in the world to introduce such synergy between luxury and entertainment. Said memberships are focused on lifestyle and nightlife, providing exclusive benefits in nightclubs, hotels, and private aviation firms worldwide, allowing members to live a luxurious lifestyle. For this reason, both parties signed the agreement to allow AIM Events members access to INA's Gold Member venues and enjoy special rates and discounts and other advantages all in benefit of promoting excellence in nightlife. The International Nightlife Association vows to expand benefits to its Gold Member venues all around the world and also promote quality and excellence in its venues. In other words, Gold Member venues will have the chance to partner with AIM Events in order to have AIM highlight their venue to their exclusive members. This way, the AIM member will have special benefits and discounts at the venue such as VIP entry etc. and the Gold Member venue will gain access to extensive entertainment services and new clients.  Joaquim Boadas de Quintana, General Secretary of the International Nightlife Association has stated, "From the International Nightlife Association we believe that the sector needs to be proactive and constantly adapt to nightlife user's needs while assuring that the nightlife business owner has the necessary tools to do so. For this, the International Nightlife Association has created the Triple Excellence in Nightlife seal all in the benefit of our sector's image and our clients' commodity".  On the other hand, Andrey Makiyevskiy, CEO of AIM Events has mentioned, "The partnership with the INA enables our clients to benefit from the highest level of quality in nightlife whilst also enabling the venues to have exclusive access to our event management services ". 
We are pleased to attach a picture of the announcement of the agreement that took place at Pacha Barcelona. To the left of the image appears Joaquim Boadas, Secretary General of the International Nightlife Association and to the right Andrey Makiyevskiy, CEO of AIM Events.