International Nightlife Association condemns the incident at club Lanterna Azurra (Italy) where 6 people were killed and asks for a full investigation

On behalf of the International Nightlife Association we strongly condemn the incident that took place at club Lanterna Azzura (Italy) where 6 people were killed. At the same time, we express our heartfelt condolences to the italian people and to the families and friends of the victims in this tragic moment as they seek to recover from this deeply disturbing tragedy. We also give all our support to our Association member in Italy (Italian Nightlife Association -SILB-) and all its members. Our Secretary General has already sent his condolences to Silb's president Mr Maurizio Pasca.   As we have been informed, six people were killed and 120 clubgoers injured in a stampede and as it seems the panic that triggered the stampede during the concert, was caused by someone using pepper-sprayed covered with a hood, so in our opinion 6 homicides have been committed. A spray can, as we have been told, has already found. The incident took place around 1am local time at the popular Lanterna Azzura club in the town of Corinaldo in the eastern Ancona Province. More than 1,000 people showed up to see Sfera Ebbasta, one of the nation’s most famous young hip hop artists.
We ask the italian authorities to start a full investigation into the facts, find out who sprayed the pepper spray and if the club has any responsibility for the deaths. As it seems the club was overcrowded and the the club bouncers told some youngs that were headind the emergency doors to go back inside. Another emergency escape door was opened but the two iron side barriers on the walkway apparently were “too narrow and people started falling over each other,” as the local police chief, Oreste Capocasa said. Joaquim Boadas de Quintana, secretary general of the International Nightlife Association will propose Italian Nightlife Association (Silb) president, Mr Maurizio Pasca, to join forces against the culprits responsible for this tragedy and also taking criminal actions against them. As he stated "the responsible for these innocent people deaths has to pay for them. Our organization is very commited to the safety and we are all the time investing more and more in safety measures, international distinctions and many other things and so we cannot let anyone damage our sector's image for free. Full investigation needs to be taken against anyone who may be responsible for this tragedy. Furthermore, more awareness raising campaigns should be run with governments support, as it seems, there's people who don't know the limits of fun".
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