Need a Night Out? This German City Was Just Named the World's Best for Nightlife

Need some place special for the next parent’s night out? Consider Hamburg.

The German city, which typically isn’t atop the list of travelers, has been named the best night out in the world in a survey of 4,100 people by hostel-booking platform Hostelworld. Hamburg got the nod for its welcoming atmosphere, excellent public transportation, the closeness of major attractions and the welcoming nature of its people. Copenhagen, Berlin, Dublin and Amsterdam rounded out the top five.

“The results of this study have been fascinating,” said Marek Mossakowski, Global Head of Brand at Hostelworld. “We know young travelers are increasingly venturing off the beaten track to uncover unique experiences, and this study demonstrates this.”

Big cities, the ones most people flock to, actually fared pretty poorly in the survey. London was 26th. Rome came in 39th. And Tokyo was 41st.

Big U.S. cities represented themselves much better than big European hotspots, though. San Francisco came in at number six on the study, as the site said it offers “every type of night out for every type of traveler.” And New York came in 10th for its wide variety of food, drink and nightlife—though the site did note it’s not a city known for its friendliness.