Valparaíso Night Mayor: Who is the "guardian of bohemia" that hired Jorge Sharp

Days ago it was confirmed that the mayor of Valparaiso, Jorge Sharp, appointed a night delegate who will be in charge of coordinating security measures in the commune, a kind of guardian of the Buenos Aires nights, after a series of episodes of violence that have occurred in the commune.

And today finally confirmed who will be in charge: Juan Carlos Gonzalez Gonzalez. The signing of Sharp is originally from Santiago although in the commune it is known because it was the owner of Deck 00 in the pier Barón, place where realized celebrated electronic parties.

According to El Mercurio published in Valparaíso, the nocturnal businessman had several controversies with the neighbors and with the own municipality - previously led by the UDI Jorge Castro - by the fines with which they were sanctioned by annoying noises and by different denunciations.

Gonzalez and Sharp are close. In fact, the first made a call several times by social networks to vote for the current mayor of the Autonomist Movement and has supported him in his initiatives in the municipality.

According to the media, the owners of bars in Valparaíso say that their experience in Buenos Aires bohemia can be a great help in the position, since it knows the operation and dynamics of the item, which would allow a fluid dialogue with the authority.

González is also a well-known opponent of the construction of the Mall Baron, who with Sharp when he was a candidate with the architect Daniel Morales (now councilman), accompanied González to file a protection against the company, because he alleged, Suspended the supply of energy and water illegally when he occupied the space for electronic parties.