Ferran Adrià's new recipe for Ibiza

World famous molecular chefFerran Adría has a new recipe forrestaurantsandhotelson Ibiza. The chef and founder of El Bulli restaurant in Barcelona wants more quality from two-star hotels upwards.Ferran also believes that a world-leading school of hospitality could be set up here on the island to train the future generation to work in this important sector.

As the chef noted at an event held atHeartrestaurant this week: ‘not everyone can afford €1000 for a hotel room.' He added: ‘What I would like would be to have the best two-star hotels in the world'.The event covered the future of tourism on Ibiza with speakers including Ferran, his brother and business partner Albert, Óscar Molina from the Ibiza Gran Hotel and local restaurateur José Miguel Bonet of Es Ventall.

His approach he feels will make Ibiza more accessible in the future, with a useful counterbalance to the rise in luxury tourism on the island.For the consumer, his vision would entail better mid-range options, much better levels of service and more places to get quality food that is attractively priced.He also feels that all restaurants, regardless of size and quality should strive for excellence in the food they serve and service they provide.

Like much of what comes out of Ibiza, the proposed school has the potential to show how it should be done to the rest of the world.Spain, unsurprisingly has many world-class tourism ‘universities' such as the Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastián on which the Ibiza school would look to, were it to come about.

Spanish cooking was firmly put on the map when Ferran Adría opened the groundbreaking eatery of EL Bulli. His mission was to create an ego- and vanity-free cuisine Spain could be proud of.With Spain's chefs today being hailed as the among the world's best and most inventive, we think he pulled it off.

One of the most famous chefs in the world combined with the energy and spirit of Ibiza - sounds like a future we could all get into.


Source: https://www.ibiza-spotlight.es