The riff-able Paloma is what you should be drinking on Cinco de Mayo

Every Cinco de Mayo, we are inundated with variations on the Margarita. While there is nothing wrong with this tequila tipple – either up, on the rocks or frozen, with salt or no salt – it's not the only libation to toast Mexico's victory against Napoleon III's army at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. (Though widely believe, Cinco de Mayo is not actually Mexico's Independence Day – that would be September 16.)

Enter the Paloma. Basically a grapefruit component of some kind – soda, infused syrup, cordial – mixed with tequila or mezcal, there are an infinite number of variations of this uber-quaffable sipper. It's really easy to adapt and be creative with it, it's incredibly popular in Mexico, and its simplicity means that everyone has their own take on it. It's a cocktail that can either be an effortless two-ingredient elixir, or just as easily be dressed up, which is what makes it perfect for any kind of Cinco de Mayo or summer gathering.