Sala Gold is the club of reference in Málaga


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Sala Gold is the club of reference in Malaga nightlife, it opens every day from 23:00 to 07:00, each night with a different party. It has two rooms:
1. Main room. With 4 reserved areas for bottles:
  • Main VIP: Up to 170 people.
  • VIP LED: Up to 20 people.
  • Super VIP: Up to 12 people.
2. CLUB GOLD. An independent area with a total capacity of 90 people and a reserved area for bottles of up to 28 people.
Sala Gold has all the technical advances in sound and lighting (intelligent LED ceilings, moving heads, gobos, lighting robots, confetti cannons, megatron, etc.), in addition to a 5.00 × 3.10 meter hydraulic stage. , two giant LED screens, a video wall and 9 LED televisions.
All this facilitates the celebration of any type of event.


Calle. Luis de Velazques 5
Málaga, Spain


670 09 87 49